Personal Confessional

In the personal confessional, you can tell the things you’ve never told anyone.
If you have a confession about an act, crime, sin, or even behavior that you regret or are ashamed of, and until now you haven’t managed to get it off your chest and tell someone – now’s your chance.

You can write your anonymous confessions and anonymous secrets.

The Forgivenet website gives you a place to confess and tell the things you’ve never told anyone.

Recent Confessions

Anonymous Post

I didn’t have to do it

I want to confess to God and the human family, that I am a sinner, my most recent sins are swearing, impatient acts, anger, gossip, […]

Wanting to change

I have lived a evil life. all kinds and lots of evil acts and behaviors. If you can think it, I probably have done it. […]

A broken mariage

In the last years, whenever I felt rejected by my wife, I answered to her telling her of women who liked me because they had […]

Addicted to p

I am addicted to p. And all related sins, many, many, other sins. I choose sin over God continuely. I can’t seeem to be truely […]


God I ask for your forgiveness, I cheated on my wife, and I feel very guilty,I can?t sleep I don?t want to loose her. I […]


I am glad I found this site so I can confess to my brothers and sisters the bible says. In my past and some recent […]

uh oh!

recently I had a fling w/ a women who said she was divorced and wasn’t. I originally shut down the relationship when I found out-I […]