Dear God

Dear God help me to find an apartment, finish my college, find a decent job, and heal and realize as a father. I know I […]

Please save us God

God Please End this Coronavirus pandemic and bring back life to a normal phase . Please God. Please. Please don’t snatch away beloved family members. […]

Repeat sinner

First off I feel ashamed that I keep sinning, it’s always the same old stuff. Swearing, being grumpy and critical, some what judgemental etc. I […]


Dear Papa God, Papa God, Thank you for all the blessings that you have given to us, Thank you for all the trials that you […]

help me in

help me in winning the slot machine in speaking rock casino thank u Please god I want to be a millionaire

I confess

I want to confess that I have sinned making others feel bad. I deliberately show my anger and this made others feel bad. Recent Confessions […]

Back sliden

I want to confess to God and the human race my sins I have struggled with. These are recently and long past sins. I have […]