help me in

help me in winning the slot machine in speaking rock casino thank u Please god I want to be a millionaire

I confess

I want to confess that I have sinned making others feel bad. I deliberately show my anger and this made others feel bad. Recent Confessions […]

Back sliden

I want to confess to God and the human race my sins I have struggled with. These are recently and long past sins. I have […]

-The animal that im not-

Please God forgive – my faults and my lust – because i cant control that, my biggest sin is to be too much kindness, and […]

Please intervene

God, I really need you to get me out of here. Please, I want a one on one talk and please bring all my writings […]

Sorry 3 years ago I

3 years ago I abused you. I have suffered too much and paid the price since then. If you can, forgive me. Please. You are […]