Just sorry !!!

Forgive my mother that I have never been there for you and that I am not there now to help you in your illness. I’m […]

Sorry for my ex

I am asking for your forgiveness. I’m sorry. I am a w ware of my part and I am asking again for forgiveness. Maybe we […]

Sorry for my soul …

Sorry for my soul … I want to ask forgiveness from myself, although it sounds a little strange but yes it is possible. Sorry I […]

Sorry I’m so …

Sorry, I’m so … Sorry I love so much and can’t live without you Sorry I want you all the time Sorry I want you […]


No estoy segura si es pecado creo que no , me gusta un niƱo me agrada es menor k yo me sinto mal me siento […]

my dear love ! Sorry

my dear love! Sorry! Sorry I did not appreciate you and I did not give you the proper respect Sorry I did not trust you […]

Sorry my love, for

Sorry my love, for the days I caused you suffering. I’m sorry for the things I told you, that I said about you, that I […]

Sorry, my ex-girlfriend

My ex-girlfriend, I know you still hate me and I’m still a shit man for you, but I want to tell you something. Once we […]