Forgiveness at school

Forgiveness at school – Have you recently offended a friend, family member, a colleague at work, and would like to ask for forgiveness? In you can send an email or post an anonymous request for forgiveness

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I have been haughty, arrogant, judgemental, and unloving.

Past sins

God, Please forgive me for relations with my husband brothers – he doesn?t know, and I just look into his eyes and I can?t bare […]


I have been unfaithful, angry, cheated with both men & women.. please forgive me


Dear Lord, I pray that You will forgive me for what I have done, Lord, please give me one more chance. I don?t want my […]

forgive me

I really sorry for my fault that was committed please forgive me


dear god . i know that i have done alot of things wrong in my life alot are bad and some i jus really didnt […]


Dear Ines, First thing tat i really wanted to confess is about tat messages tat night i had mistakenly sent u tat in de night […]

Please forgive.

??how could I be so stupid as to be in love with someone who could forget something as stupid as vatines day???