Deep revision for total change of life

I accuse myself of having committed sins of impurity throughout my life, especially with thoughts about people who were not accessible to me because they are not free, although I also accuse myself of having committed the sin of masturbation occasionally.

These sins of impurity have always made me feel bad and have never given me happiness is that what we all seek after all.

I also accuse myself of having tried and criticized the people of my family environment and above all professional. To have wasted and thrown away food and other things that many poor people might have valued to have.

To have bad humor and bad temper with the people of my environment and above all to have said very bad things to my mother in moments of anger.

I have also felt envy towards some people at some point in my life.

I feel a lot of repentance for all these sins and I want to be happy being a person who fulfills the Commandments of God, so I ask that I be acquitted of my sins and be able to start a new life. I testify that I have not confessed before these sins and attend weekly to the church for what I have gone to communion without having confessed them before.

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