I need to change!!!

I confess to Almighty God and to the people of the earth that I am a sinner!. And that I?m in open rebellion against God and my own soul. I don?t know what the heck is wrong with me…..especially when I know better!! I know the commandments of the Lord and what is expected of me, but I continue to screw up so severely……. My will is in conflict with his, I just can?t seem to yield. And when I?m doing well for being obedient and other ??spiritual?? responsibilities, I always do something absolutely terrible to cancel out the good I?ve done…(Although we are saved by grace! and not by works)…I thought I would confess everything I have ever done to the best of my ability. NOTE: THERE WILL BE SINS LISTED THAT ARE FROM MY DISTANT PAST AND IS NO LONGER A PART OF ME!!!…I want to give a full account, And I pray God will accept this confession and forgive me totally and receive me anew!!! First off I admit that I?m a sinner! and I need a Savior11 (Jesus Christ). My confession;– disobedience to parents, lying, blameing, stealing, mean to people and animals, used to hate God and church, hating others, bad words, sexual immorality-all kinds, under age drinking and smoking, hated abusive parents and abusive people in the church, porn-all kinds, idess, revenge, malice, fraud, setting others up, prideful, just being evil, evil and bad thoughts, breaking all kinds of promises, getting drunk, using drugs, not repenting, unforgiveness, hard hearted and unfeeling, lawlessness, not appreciating blessings and family, not taking care of responsibilities, ETC, Etc, and not appreciating the suffering and atonement and love of Jesus Christ for me! and the guidance of the Holy Ghost…..I humbly Ask God for his acceptance to help me (gently) have a repentant heart and to grant me ??Pardon and Peace?? -I need my Shepard-

I need to do more, alot more!

I certainly feel the need to do more. I am constantly choosing myself over God and doing what ??I want Too!??…I am locked in sin and do not have the mental, emotional, or spiritual strength to overcome on my own. My sins make me feel unworthy and very distant from God and he already feels a far off in the first place. I don?t know where to start….A lot of the sins I commit are out of desperation and loneliness….and a lot I wouldn?t commit at all if my situation was different. It sucks being alone w/o a job, car, wife, life, friends, family and I?m about to lose the home, and I am need of health care. I know in the scheme of things it shouldn?t matter, I should still live in obedience. I feel the scenario where an orphan would still a loaf of bread for huger and need, but otherwise would not if the situation was different. I don?t have any excuses but that?s how I feel in this case. I want to star overt and unload the following sins. In my past I have lied, sto, been dishonest, evil, lazy, mean, hard feeling, unrepentant, sexually immoral, mentally unclean and evil. vengeful, lustfull, viewed p and all that goes with it. deceptive, undisciplined and self willed to the point of destruction, been a drug addict, and 100?s of other sins. I hope that God will come to my aid, forgive me and let me be reborn today. It sure would be nice to put the past behind me. And have a new beginning!

i don?t know what to say.

Where should I start, Thank You God for sending Jesus to atone for all our sins if we accept him as Lord. God I must say that I believe in Christ!…..but not so much in myself! I?m a habitual sinner…I have the worst foul mouth ever! I know what is right but continually do what I want or what my body craves. God I live after the manner of the flesh and not the spirit. I ask for your patience and understanding, not your tolerance for you can?t tolerate sin, for you are Holy and just and (thankfully) merciful. Today God I want to ask you to forgive me, receive me, wash me clean from all my filthiness before you. (as well as all your children on this world)….God I confess and admit that I am a lowly sinner, always in conflict with your commandments, will you renew my spirit and place a new heart within me, I would to live a life for you that will glorify you and give you praise and honor…..you do so much for me!!! I want to confess the following sins I am struggling with, bad thoughts, sexual desires and impure acts, watching inaprobraite material, swearing, some lying, manipulation, some theft, and all manner of sin that is common to me and that has been long forgotten. Father God please grant me pardon and peace and wash me in the Blood of the Lamb… and to partake of the Holy Spirit. May my confession be acceptable to you…I hope now to live a new life for you.


I truely confess to GOD and everyone that I?m really struggleing with sin. I am so unrepentant!!!! I don?t mean to be but I am so weak and willfull that I easily yield to sin w/o a fight. I just can?t seem to give up certain sins. I honestly don?t want to do them, but for me the are natural sins I really can?t overcome, I don?t know what to do….. Today I confessed and then went back and purposely sinned…??feeling that I needed to!?? thats so messed up!! Today I was swearing, stole, and jacked off. Unrepentant huh! I truely want to be truely repentant but I really must not have the faith or lack the dedication. God please forgive me and be patient w/me.

needing to be saved

i thought i would try out your confession line. i have read some thought provoking confessions and am glad this site is here, this is the best one i have found. Here Goes….i have been sinning since i was a child, i only started to disobey my parents when i would catch them lying to me or being way to selfish and controlling. i believe my siblings and myself started trust issues and resentments at a way early age / there was a lot of abuse and neglect in my family. And we (i) grew up angry. i have followed dark paths when i was younger and now want to follow a path of light (i hope!) i have committed the following sins…..Lying, theft, backstabbing, hate, malice, resentment, unforgiveness, revenge, fraud, lots of sexual sins common to man, lust, p watching, disobeying GODS will and Commandments and ETC,..when i was young and angry and abused i used to abuse animals..i don?t of course do that any more now i go after those who do!!! i hate them!..i sinned greivesly against nature and now have been atoning for it for years……..


I am guilty of revenge, idolatry, theft, sexual sins, hard heartedness, disobedience to GOD, Willfullness, swearing, Taking GODs name in vain, evil thoughts, adultery of the heart, lust, emotional sins, sins of omission and commission, not applying my disciplines, choosing sin over righteousness, not appreciateing the saviors atonement for me, not thinking of consiquences before acting out, being a bad provider, anger, impatience, lying, manipulation, mis-direction, grumpyness, resentment and a host of other faults I can?t recall. I ask God to forgive me, to wash me clean, to save me!!!, restore me and to give another chance to serve and prove myself…..I also ask for his patience and strength as I?m going thru extreme hardships and trials…I hope to overcome and to learn to trust him again as I? have lost some trust and faith. I know God hears all our prayers and is eager to receive us into the fold again. (Into his out-reached arms)

I let God down

Yes I let God down AGAIN!!!!……??What else is new!!??……On top of my normal day to day sins I did some really bad stuff. I retaliated out of anger, and was dumb enough to watch p and do the bad deed. I know God isn?t pleased and I?m not to pleased with my self as well. It seems I live in a real bad no-win situation. I?ll simply ask God to understand and forgive me. And I hope someone out there will pray for me… ??A Sinner!??

wickedness was never happiness

Same-o!, Same-o! again!! Though I improved lately I?m still stuck in ??ol?habit sins??…watched pop rn and jacked off today…had evil thoughts and intensions, said bad words,..lied, manipulated, had a grumpy insensitive attitude and was uncaring. I probably forgot some sins too.. It is my hope God will forgive me and restore me….I need to be more obedient and not so willfull. (His way is better than my way!!!)

I don?t know

I?m still a sinning…..swearing, Gods name in vain, lying, stealing , sexual uncleanness, and revenge. I don?t want to take revenge, but I have a major enemy always attacking me, things slow down when I strike back. I have all my big and small sins too!!!

i wish it could be different

I confess to Almighty God and the human family, that I?m a sinner…I have big and small sins, sins of omission and commission. My normal sins are swearing, ??sometimes?? taking Gods name in vain, taking meds, lying, p and masterbation. But unfortunately I am at war with a wicked and abusive family member. This person has a critical spirit and is an unjust accuser…this person is an enemy and I have done nothing to be treated bad by this person, but lately I have been striking back out of defense. I don?t want this war but this person is bent on destroying me. (honestly I truely think she is possessed!)..I strike back in small ways and even poured pee on her bed. It represents that since she is always pissing on me I would return the favor symbolically,…-now this is harmless and is only an inconvience to clean up. I wish this wasn?t happening. May God understand and forgive me and come to my aid…I?ve done what I could to avoid this behavior, but now I am so angry I just want to hurt back. God Help!!!