Though I am trying to improve spiritually and morally…I still have committed acts of theft, bad thoughts, swearing, (maybe Gods name in vain), anger, resentment, dishonesty, masturbation, and other sins. I hope and pray GOD will forgive and help me!

still trying to overcome sin

Since my last confession,..I have committed sins of commission, omission, Swearing, hate, anger lying, took 4 pills, bad and evil thoughts and jacked off once, plus my regular sins, and there are sins I?m probably forgetting. May GOD forgive and help me/


I confess to almighty GOD and the people of earth that I have seriously sinned! Giving into temptation, letting lustfull thoughts to be seeds, idess, lying, masterbation, p addiction, swearing, and Taking Gods name in vain. Not keeping my promises too!….And all the sins I forgot. I hope God will again forgive and cleanse me from all unrighteousness and let me become a new creation. Thanks GOD!! I hope at least not to screw up to badly any more today and from here on out!

unmet needs

I?m back!..since my last confession, i have sweared, had evi thoughts, said evil words, stole 1 pill, watched p and materbated=idolatry=a very pernicious sin. I sin alot because I want to!, because I?m sad, lonely, angry and feel I have unmet needs on a great scale on all levels from financial to emotional. I should really be more spiritually mature. I do know better and at this time take ownership of my sins. There are times I don?t have to sin, but do because I want to or for escapeism of the moment. God, Jesus, and the HloyGhost….I?ve said this before but please forgive me, wash me clean, renew my spirit and put a new heart in me, give me pardon and peace. I know I am totally unworthy!!!!! and I need You and your Grace in my life one more time. Let me start anew right now (a new slate) in JESUSs name. Help me to renew a new commitment and covenant with you. I offer up this confession to GOD and to mankind and admit that I?m asinner of ommission and commision. And if I?m guilty of any thing unwritten and forgtten I apologize for that right now too. Please let us put the past behind and make a new steadfast start for better and new future and relationship. I give myself to you NOW!!!!….

sinned again

im stained with the sins of idolatry, evil thoughts, willfull disobediance, theft,  ,  p, etc,etc!!!! and just saying ??NO!?? to GOD…..performed my will not his!!! ??On purpose!!!??…….GOD SAVE ME AN OL?SINNER!!!!!!!

sins and more sins

Once again i really didn?t try to hard to improve and overcome. I confess to almighty GOD and to you my brothers and sisters that i?m a sinner. i choose sin over God to often, i do know better but don?t seem to care at times. i am guilty of not being appreciative of JESUSs sacrifice on the cross for me………and for the many chances GOD has givin me……….i am to willfull!!!…I admit to unrighteous thoughts, anger swearing, taking diety names in vain, idess, insinsitivity, not keeping of covenants, hardness of heart, manipulation, unkind words, divisiveness, watching p, hate, theft, ETC!!! ETC!!!! and any other sin I can?t recall at this time. I ask for your prayers that i may become true to God and myself. ??may Almighty God forgive me (all of us!) and bring me into everlasting life. God I ask for your Grace, patience, understanding and your help to overcome for myself and anyone out there in the world who also wants to repent. :Please forgive us as we forgive others!!!!??….


confess that i jacked off again , had sinful thoughts etc, etc, etc,


This is how i have always felt, when i was a little child and on growing up i always felt unwanted, i was always smaller and skinnier than any body else, came from a poor, selfish and hateful family (believe me! thats not touching the disfuction)….i never considered myself bad looking or anything but i never seemed to be the one the oppisite sex was ever interested in. When i was younger i even was a friend to the friendless–not that i had to but because i always could see the hurting and lonely. Today i do alot of reaching out to others and God seems to help me with it!!! How ever where ever i go there is alot of oppisition, resentment and betrayal. It really makes one feel rejected….but i know my own value and i pursue that which is honorable even when others are aginst me and chose dishonrable actions to sway associates, family and friends to turn on me. This seems to be my lot, i was told in a N.D.E. years ago i had that if i returned i would be mis understood almost by all…. Man!! that really was the truth!!!!!!!!. Now i?m fat and skinny moving on in faith trying (but failing more often than not) to serve GOD and mankind. But i plot the course with do vigilance.

still a sinning

since my last confession, I have lied, sworn, sto meds-I sure dont? want to though-I?m hooked! jacked off 3 times. And other sins of commission and omission. God save me! some please pray for me!

i know better

since my last confession I have really screwed up. I truly want to help people and serve God but i?m so dang willfull i?m such a sinner! I do know better but I chose the wrong on purpose… confession=…….I?ve sworn, took Gods name in vain, had evil thoughts ,been resentful, uncaring, angry and unforgiving, impatient, stole drugs, was impure sexually. I have sins of omission and commission, and an unrepented-unfeeling heart. Pray for me to do better please!! and may God accept this confession to him and my the human family..,GOD..Forgive me, wash me clean, Pardon and Absolve me!!!! so I can go back and serve YOU and mankind better and more vigilantly..I plead ?THE BLOOD of CHRIST!!!?? Thank you!!!!Jesus for your ??ATONEMENT??.