son of a BITCH-literally

when my mean ??ma!?? is abusing me and when i feel she just pisses on me in general, ??for she is a servant of the darkside??, she loves no one but herself. To get her back i eat asperagus (to have stinky pee) and pee in a bottle and pour it on her bed (the dog gets the blame, sorry puppy, i give him extra treats for taking the heat). it is symbolic, she pisses on me and i piss on her because i don?t appreciate her abuse. i know it?s harmless and inconvienient for her to clean, but it takes her focus off of me for a while. i know it?s wrong and i don?t plan on doing it again…i think any way.

super sinner pt3

i wanted to confess that i hate my biological mother. She is so selfesh, self centered, idle ,selfdestructing to herself and everyone. She cares only for herself and her desires and was neglectful and abusive to all us kids. She is a minipulative user i can?t stand and don?t respect. (none of my 2 brothers, sister, my own kids or any body will have anything to do with her, ETC< ETC< ETC<...she is a villian. How can i honor a parent who is an accuser and enemy??? God help me!

super sinner

I admit that im a sinner, and confess that i just ??Jacked??-off?d……..i cant seem to stop! someone out there pray for me! iwant a new relationship with God but everyday i screw it up somehow. i also want to serve God and the people of this world. i need help!…God help,..forgive, and save me a stupid sinner!!!! and give me starting at this moment a new life in you and a new start over–i really need it! thanks

Stengthen me!

I would to confess to GOD and to mankind and admit that I?m a sinner!!!…I?ve willfully sinned sins of commission (my Will) and sins of omission (should of acted but didn?t). Lately I have sworn, took Gods name in vain, had evil thoughts and unkind words, I?ve been short tempered and the worst sins=I?ve chosen to watch p and be impure w/myself. What makes this worse is that I had suffectient will power this time not to give in, but I rationalized it and comprimsed it in violation of Gods commandments. I know this confession hardly starts to make up for what I have done. Thank goodness for verses 1john 1;9-If we confess our sins, (and truely,truely repent) he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness…..??if we are sincere!!!??……..(confession by itself wont make a sinner forgiven, but a broken heart and contrite spirit)…I should of listened to you GOD,….??Obediance is better than Sacrifice??….God thank you for the shed ??Blood?? of Jesus Christ and his ??Atonement?? for all mankind.


I confess to almighty GOD and to the human family that I?m a sinner! Lately I have been angry, resentful and uncaring, have sworn a lot too! I have had evil thoughts and intents, have been ??idle,?? and have been sexually impure w/myself. I have not taken my confessions and repentance seriously enough….. I need to apply myself better!! I?m hoping that with GODs forgiveness and Grace..I will in time overcome. I know his arms are always extended to his children and will help them through the repentance process. I know he will never leave us or forsake us (Though at times for his eternal purposes he will seem distant to us) May almighty God have mercy on me (and all of us) forgive us our sins and bring US to everlasting life!!!!

help and pray for me

I have jacking a lot and I need your help god to stop it. I notice everytime i do it i have a bad day you punishing me. I hope you have mercy on me. I dont want a bad day. Forgive me

Sin Love

This secret has being consuming me and I just have to confess to find forgiveness. I had a 1 year relationship with a priest. We had sex once a week and planed to get married. But he only used me and I sincerely loved him so much. I still love him but I know I did wrong and that this feeling is not right. I repent sincerely of what I did and need forgiveness.

Please God, forgive me.

My dearest God, I am seeking your forgiveness for my sins, one in particular that I am very ashamed of. My life has changed dramatically from that moment. My soul is seeking to see your light again. To be able to feel your greatness. Please, forgive me, I regret it very much. Please, take me back to those days so I could feel well about life and be connected to you again. Amen.

Lust and addiction

I confess that I have a big problem with my lust. Sometimes I masturbate, and I feel very bad for doing something dirty watch porn videos and do something wrong…the worst part is when I looked for an prostitute in the past. Now I don?t do that, and don?t masturbate frequently, but feel very guilty when I do it…I did it minutes ago, and beg to God to forgiveness…I feel afraid of being alone. The only thing that control it is my addiction. I smoke cigarettes, 8 per day, and, sometimes, I try to stop, but, when I try to stop…I really can?t control myself…so I use my addiction to avoid masturbation…the problem is I feel guilty doing the two things…I confess I feel very sorry for masturbate, and smoking, and sadly I have to smoke until I can control my lust…I beg to God for forgiveness and I expose my sins, hoping to forgiveness and asking for help to not fall in temptation again…


Dear God I?ve disrespected the trust of my girldfriend today with another woman, I fell into temptation and sought her because of lust, we didn?t have proper sex but she game me oral sex. While I drove home I felt so bad about what happened and my shameful behavior. My girlfriend loves me so much and I cheated on her, I deserve punishment I beg your forgiveness God