Im sorry

Dear lord have mercy for this repetitive sinner heal my heart from it?s poison an bath me in your holly blood

i?m unworthy

Please forgive me for I have sinned. I have sinned a lot in my life but the one sin that I am most ashamed of is cheating on my loving and absolutely perfect boyfriend. I ask forgiveness so that I can live a long and happy life with him even though I am not worthy of his love.

I am so unworthy, God

I feel so hurt and unworthy and guilty. I am ashamed of my past and because of it I am hindered in pursuing future relationships. I feel that I am not a true Christian and will never be no matter how hard I try. I have made radical changes, and I believe they were through the grace of God alone, but when will I be good enough? How can I ever be good enough? I am ashamed of my family and my living situation. I feel no one will love me if they knew where I?m from. What I?ve been through. I need you Jesus. I need you more than ever. Help me to be honest with myself and those around me. Allow me to discuss my pain and overcome it. Give me the strength to be vulnerable.

Self Pleasure.

Father, please forgive me… I have recently masturbated a. few times this month after a personal vow that i?d never do it again. please forgive my sins and know that I am really trying to break the habit, and that I know that it is a problem.

Forgive me please!!

God…Please forgive me for my recent bad behavior with people I do not know and to my loved ones. PLEASE EXCUSE ME.


DEAR GOD,i am a sinner cought in a mess i cant get out of ,ive committed the sin of masturebating,child porn,lieing ,curseing,one time i killed my pet hamster and blame my poor sister,ive treated her so bad ,but she still comes bac to me. lastly my mother ,i betrayed her trust and guidance.olny if i was in worship of you or thinking striaght.please all i have left is the forgiveness of GOD .please give me and my family strenght ,i am so scared for them and my self ..i promise to do better.

dirty pictures of girls

sorry god, i have watched i few dirty pictutresof girls in thier bikinies, i am extremly sorry and will not repeat. Please forgive me.

I?m sorry for my sins

It has been far too long since my last confession. The pursuit of God and the sanctity of Christ have not been in my life. I have denied my faith and placed my trust in false teachings. I have denied his existence. I have slandered his name. I have broken promises. I have dishonored the holy days, and neglected prayer. I have disrespected my superiors. I have abused my body, my husbands body, and the bodies of my friends. I have been prideful. I have been impatient. I have been jealous. I have been envious. I have been lazy. I have been angry. I have committed murder in my heart. I have not been chaste in thought or word or actions. I had relations outside of marriage. I have sto from others. I have not kept all secrets or confidences. I have has sexual thoughts about persons other than my partner. I have wished ill on others. I have not been faithful to sacramental living. I have not helped my community through the church. I have not done penance and I betrayed God?s Will for me. I am sorry for these and all the sins of my past life.

I am sorry Jesus..

Dear God…I believe you can hear me..I ask for forgiveness everyday and i dont want to leave any way that you could hear me. I did not have sex with him but we had some intimate moments…i had no BF then..but he was engaged…i did not feel good abt it then or even now…but it just happened 2-3 times. We did not get naked or have sex, but i know this was wrong too…please forgive me god..please….i am really really sorry…and i promise it would never happen again…. 🙁


Lord im sorry. i keep trying and trying but i keep messing up! plaese help me to try harder and not make as many mistakes. Amen.