I am suicidal

I am going to kill myself and I?m very sorry but I?m going to do it anyway.

I am but a lowly sinner

Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I come to you in the best way that I can to tell you my sins. I ask you for forgiveness for the things that I have done since my birth. I have blamed God for the failures in my life. I have said that I hated him for what he has allowed to happen to me and my family. I have turned my back on him and asked him for proof that he exists. I have not been to church regularly for many years. I wanted to rebel against it. I wanted to change my life to not include going to church because I questioned everything, God included. I have gone against my mother and father, and their oppression, because I felt what they were doing was wrong, or at least the way they were doing it was wrong. I am currently married to a man who abused me and took advantage of me and my children. This is not blessed by the church, but, I have entered many relationships since we parted, yet not legally, and now that I wish to marry the one I believe is truly for me and sent to me from God, I cannot because this man refuses to allow a divorce. Nevertheless, I have been an adulteress. I have been tempted to steal and have thought about how I could do it and get away with it, because of desperation of my situation. I feel that I have done wrong by my kids in many ways, and I feel that I am being punished now because of it. I have never put them in danger or been truly angry at them, I have never abused them in my opinion but I question if what I have done could be seen as such. I ask that I am forgiven for my sins, for all the ones that I have put here today and for those that I have forgot or too afraid to speak of. I ask that God grant me the serenity and peace that comes with the lifting of this massive weight from my shoulders. I need help to get me through this, please God forgive me. I am so worn and weary. I need your help more than ever right now and I feel so alone. My eyes are constantly filled with tears and sadness lingers within my heart. I am but a lowly sinner, who feels a leper amongst the healthy. Please God, hear my prayer.

Dear God,

I am sorry for all my sins, specially sexual acts… I regretted all of them I am not worthy to be called your son. Please forgive oh Lord. Amen


i keep making mistakes. i am so sorry. i wish i could be a better child and follower of you. dear lord help me and forgive me.


dear God, im sorry i lied. please forgive me.

I?m so sorry

I fell in love with someone and he pulled away from me. I still wanted to believe we can be together but I saw he started chatting with another girl. I opened a fake profile to get close to both of them and spread lies about him infront of her just to seperate them. I was so desperate, I still am, to get him back. I care about him so much and just wanted to make him happy. They haven?t even met yet but I?m so scared of losing him entirely. He hasn?t been fair on me and I took it further. I?m so ashamed and I?m so sorry.


dear God, im sorry for every time i sin against you. i try so hard but sometimes i make mistakes. please forgive me and i promise i will try harder.

im so sorry

i don?t mean to masturbate it just feels so good. im trying to quit. please forgive me. i will keep trying.

I couldnt help it!

i just masturbated. i did it a few times as a kid without knowing what i was doing. now im a teen and i know its a sin, but it just feels so good. i dont mean to do it, i just give into temptation. lord, please forgive me. im really sorry. i feel real guilty. i promise to do better next time.


I the womens and this morning a give a kisses to the other women, but I fel bud I need My God forgive me, I dosen?t want this again, I love God and I need him just him