I the womens and this morning a give a kisses to the other women, but I fel bud I need My God forgive me, I dosen?t want this again, I love God and I need him just him


Knowledge wants to be free, just these artiecls!




I have homosexual thoughts and am attracted to people I shouldn?t be. Sometimes I hurt myself because I want to hurt someone else who did wrong to me. I can not forgive this person but I wan?t their soul to go to heaven. I waited too long to give a pet medication and it didn?t make it. I put things off too much. I don?t pray I should. Sometimes I feel angry at god for taking those who are precious from me. Please forgive me for being angry and doing things I should not do or not doing things I should


please god forgime for sex with a friend living faraway from me. i am married but my husband toll me that he dont love any more and that he is with me for the good of the children and we dont have sex for the past 4 years and this happen 2 year ago with my friend. plese i need forgiveness

I have sinned

I have spent the last hour watching horrible things on the internet, hard porn, and I don?t know why, God has given me so much and helped me so much I don?t know how I could of done this to him, please God forgive me for watching such dirty things, that hurt you so much, please forgive me, I keep making the same sin over and over again, God please forgive me I am so sorry. I ask this in your beautiful son?s name, Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

Free from psychic powers

I experimented with witchcraft. I was a kid when I stopped. Yet, I believe I must had a spirit attached to me because I?ve been able to make machines repond to my touch and I used it to gain money for myself and never asked how I was able to do it. I?ve hounded by dreams that have come true, I?ve seen spirits, etc. I tested myself to find I always scored high on PK, again not realizing until recently that it?s again a form of witchcraft and I don?t want to see these visions, effect these machines because I know it?s coming from the wrong place. I can only hope God can forgive me for my sins as I try to break away from it.

tarot reading

I confess I had an online free tarot reading, knowing that God is the only one with answers. I have also lied, and have had impure thoughts.


I slept with my Best friends brother. I knew it was wrong and there is no excuse but we had been drinking, and although I didn?t initiate it, I didn?t stop it either. WHat is worse is that her best friend 5 years ago did the exact same thing and she hasn?t spoken to her since. The guilt is killing me. It?s too late to tell her now but I don?t want her to find out any other way by accident. I cannot sleep, eat, have trouble breathing at times and am stressed out about her finding out now. There is no excuse and I would to think that she would allow me the opportunity to make my own decisions and mistakes and regret them, but I knew of the context and still it happened. I am a terrible person, friend and liar.

asking for forgiveness

i have done many wrong things in my life and i am still under the shadow of a devil. i personally do not feel to do devil?s work but it keeps facinating me all the time and i also feel keeping myself busy in prayers but fail all the time. i repent for all my wrong things and ask for gods forgiveness.