God forgive me for i sin

IM sorry god for sins i have done in my life. whenever i needed you , you always been there for me.i want be a different man . i want to change , i want to change. god plz help to become a better men. thank you god fr the things you have done fr me. i will always praise you my god.

Marijuana usage

Father I was only 127 at the time or 13 but it burdens me that I did this. Me and a friend of mine didn?t have any rolling paper for our marijuana so we tore out a page of the bible I regret this act and it haunts me I hey of you to forgive me and grant le the passage to heaven

father i ask forgivness

You know what my sins are. I never listened to anyone and was guilty of terrible arrogance. Jesus did come into my life when i prayed but i didn?t keep my promises to him. I feel you finally gave up on me and i?m sorry for the hurt and pain i have caused through the years. Please forgive me i was young and foolish and i want to change a put to rights my wrongs. Thank you God for sending your one and only son Jesus Christ to die for our sins.


I have harassed my son and his ex-girlfriend for three years (2004-2007) and lied to my son about making a call to his father-in-law. I have denied all of this for 6 years both to my son and the rest of my family. My son and daughter-in-law are not speaking to me now and won?t unless and until I admit the lie. I am so sorry but embarassed about admitting this; I have had my husband?s trust on this and by confessing, I will lose it. It is ripping me up and I need to forgive myself.

I cannot go to church today….

I really could go to church today, I have finals this week, and a mountain of essays to complete. I am already under stress and walking to the church right now would not be conducive to my workload. I know this is just a mound of excuses, but I do feel badly about it and want to confess. This week, clearly I have not kept holy the Sabbath, which I feel so bad about because I know I can go, I am just lazy, and not getting my work efficiently. Also, sometimes I talk about people behind their backs. I feel awful about this too. Since I have started to go to school in Canada I feel I have disconnected from God, and been able to ask for things, or help, or forgiveness. It is I don?t feel right asking for stupid things, the ability to open up and be okay with the way things are at school, or how I am. I am sorry I have let this happen, and I hope soon I can find your presence again. A lot of the time, I just feel I am not being true to me. I know I am a better person than how I have acted, and that I am more confident than how it may seem I react to things, but I cannot find it in me to change. Please forgive me Lord, I am sorry.


i have done many bad things in my life. wen i ws 19 years old i had an abortion. 2 yrs later at 21 i had a child out of wedlock. i ws eager to have th child during th recess for convenient so i went to a traditional healer and i lied saying i was over due to try to get th baby arive before its due date. i paid alot of many and nothing that she promised me worked so i went back again and she sort of blamed by boyfriend so she ??loooked into his life??. i feel realy guilty about this coz should he find out our relationship might end.

sorry for my ungodly acts

Father pleaseforgive me for all my acts. I have sinned against you. In many ways I have done the unthinkable and worse sins. Please father forgive me. I know you say come ye all that are heavely burdeb=n you will give them rest. Even if our sins are rred as scarlet Lord you will wash them bright… I have commited three abortions. 2000, 2005, 2008 with different men. I know it was not the right time and some were married. Father I am not worthy. But I come to you as a prodigal son please accept me and forgive me. I need you love and blood to was me to be white as snow. I want to dedicate my life to you, work for you and do all right before man and you. Please help me in my job, relationship. Its suffering because of the past expiriencies I ve had. I cant easly trust. I dont deserve good but today and as from now I believe I am set free and free indeed.I want to be faithful in one realationship. I need a man who will truly love me and me alone. Father I thank you that it is done in Jesus name Amen. No weapon formed against me shall prosper and greater is he who is in me than the one in the world. I love you Lord.

Teased a girl

I teased a girl out of boredom. Usually Im super nice to everyone. I know girls can be especially sensitive to this sort of thing and feel horrible about it. I?ve been teased before and somehow it felt worse for me to be the one teasing. Please forgive me god I promise never to do something that again!


Today I was teaching at school, and I said something inappropriate. I did not mean anything by it, but in the atmosphere of bullying and vioce in schools, my words were in bad taste. I apologize to my students and colleagues if I offended them, and I will work to regulate my words in the future.

I need forgiveness & blessing asap

I went against ALL my morals the other night, and broke at least one or two commandments — I not only have sexual feelings and desire for men I am not married to (I?m divorced), but I cheated on my long-distance boyfriend by sleeping with a married man. Ugh, that?s just not me and it goes against EVERYTHING I believe in. I feel horrible before God, horrible that I did that to his wife, and horrible about betraying my boyfriend?s trust. This just isn?t me at all. I beg for your Christian prayers — and for the willpower to set this right. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. (I?m Orthodox. Need to get before a priest soon.)