No Other Choice

Forgive me, for I have sinned! I had pre-marital sex with someone and I got pregnant. I found out right away, about 2 weeks after it happened and I had a surgical abortion the next day. I couldn?t have a baby by this man, I barely knew him and absolutely didn?t love him. I already have 2 children who don?t have an ideal relationship with their respective fathers. I feel bad that I had to have an abortion but it was the only choice I had. Theres no way I could have gone through the pregnancy and then given the baby up for adoption. I haven?t talked to anyone about this and I want to make sure the GOD knows I?m sorry for what I let happend. I made a terrible choice from the very begining and I have learned the hard way to not put myself in that kind of situation again. I ask for Your forgiveness Father…

please forgive me

Please God I am so very sorry for what I have done. I am so ashammed and embarrassed. I dont want to hurt those I love, but I have and in the worst way I can think of. They are innocent and dont deserve my actions. They are so good to me and I didnt appreciate it. Please let me get over this horrible guilt. I promise to never let it happen again.

married woman

dear lord i have had sex with a married woman twice i felt bad every time we did it. even though i am going through a divorce i still have sex with other women please help me to stop this, i need your help and you to guide me. AMEN


i had sex with a girl who is engaged to a marine who is stationed overseas in japan. i helped her justify this act to herself.


Dear God, I feel horrible everytime i do this (masturbate while on the internet) yet i fail to find the willpower to stop doing this permanently. Please God i need your help and forgiveness. I really want to abide to your commandments and live the way you desire of me. Please help me. I love you and I pray that everyone with my problem could have the willpower to make a 180degree turn away from this atrocious habit. Thank you Lord.


I?ve lied about my age to a man I was dating and I?ve said things that were offensive and hurtfull to my patient?s family out of frustration because I felt hopeless in helping the patient well soon enough.

The way I look at it now.

It seems for the last few years I have grown to hate people for who they are I have had a boyfriend in the past that I fell in love with and I lied to him once and said that i cheated on him when i didnt because i wanted him to feel the pain of what i felt when he cheated on me but he didnt care I still hate him to this day and sometimes I wish he would kill himself and die i lie to my friends almost all the time and i hate it but it always seems they built up one after another and i feel crap everyday cause there is really no one to talk to sometimes i wish my world would end


Father; I am very much ashamed of this sin of masterbation; I have confessed it before but then I also repeatedly do it. Please forgive me and wash me clean with the blood of Jesus. I also apologise for the sin of watching internet p. I am extremely ashamed of this and kindly ask for your forgiveness.

its been a long time

bless me father for I have sinned. it has been decades since my last confession. I dont know where it all went wrong but I am sorry for my thoughts, words and action against you, my marriage and your people. I dearly love you Lord and pray daily while trying to fix the problem. I am now giving you complete reign and will fight to change according to your will. This I promise..your devoted son… kevin