forgive me

I have been unfaithful to my wife with relations with a man. please have mercy on my soul

Forsaking God

Over the years God has done so much for me. I on the other hand, have not tried my best for him. I have not totally commited to him. I have been holding on to the old ways and need to let go of all the unnecassary things. May he forgive me and cleans my soul and raise my spirit man.

my inner bAttle

for years i have been struggling to overcome mastubation in my life. I confessed to my wife and promised her that I wouldnt continue, but, it hasnt been easy, neither have I stoppped completely. I am ashamed of myself and want to stop as I have also realised that it has taken me away from /God and is blocking me from doing what he needs me to do for him. I hope he gives me the strength to overcome masturbation once and for all move on with my life.

forgive my sins

Please lord forgive me for all of my sins. I know I should not have taken my brothers computer and psp from him but he is in jail and i didn?t want his girlfriend to have it, forgive me for evil thought and dreams of hurting pedros baby?s mother. please forgive me for taking that 100.00 from work and forgive me for all of my lies and sins I want to be a better person i want to have a better life

my confession

dear father, please forgive me for i have sinned, my sins are sometimes i do not obey my mother…i?m fighting with my brother.

Forgive please

please forgive me 4 not being in my limits and teling lies to ma parents n being dishonest n being impure.please pure me

Help me God Please.

It all started by looking at beautiful looking actors in the web, then before i knew it, I started masterbating… I already confessed my sin, but i commited masterbation yet again… I?m so ashamed… Please God, please give me the strength to stop this disgusting, shameful act. I am at your hands, please give me the strength. Amen.

Lost in Limbo

I?m gay. I have been for a while now. I unterstand what the bible says about homosexuality, and I?ve ive taken measures to try to break away from it, but it doesnt feel as anything is working. Several people do know, but the main people in my life do not, and I?m afraid in losing them when i do tell them…


I Get so discouraged, I masturbate once a week for about 2 hours…. I think maybe I can live without this but it seems to be a pattern of about 20 years. I feel why even try following God, might as well give up.