forgive all of my sins

dear father, please forgive all of my sins and there are numerous. i practice christianity, but i am not sure i am a christian. i love god, i know he is with me all of the time, but sometimes i am lost, i need prayers of forgiveness. i pray all of the time, and i read the word, but i am lost. please help


pls forgive me god for all d wrong things i did…. now i know wat is right and wat is wrong.i still cant forget d day i got drunk and my gud friend took advantage of me and started smooching and kissing me.i ave stopped talkin to him now…i really cant trust any of the guys now….really…

i began to hate myself

dear god….am a big sinner in my life i have broke someone heart dear god plzz forgive me for wat i have done ……i have done a thing now the person is telling that she will do black magic to found out the one who hav*************wat should i do now dear god plzz help me …plzzzz!!!!!!

forgive me LORD for the way i behaved

Tamal had given me his password. i read the mails his girlfriend (who was married to someone else by then) had sent,in his personal folder and also took a back up of them. i did this because i loved Tamal. he was also physically involved in me. but wen i saw the dates of the mails it was when we wrer together. i felt very bad for that and i still cant forgive him. i always kept on asking him questions abt his past and even wen he was not in the same city as i am i wd get suspecious if his no. was busy for a long time. he had uploaded some picnic pics in orkut in which there was a pic with one gal. wen i asked him abt her he never told me her name also. i kept on asking him he was always sit. but wenever i was with him and if frens wd come there he wd pretend as if he didntknow me. then y did he put up this pic God! he never ansed. and the last time i asked him this qn which he again didnt ans i said that u just know o use people emotionally and physically, you are just a flirt. he has stopped talking to me since then God. i really love him but the pains inflicted byhim are too many and its difficult to forgive him. and moreover he never asked for forgiveness. he wd just say that i didnt intend to hurt you, you just get hurt. he wd say that he loves me but doesnt want to marry me.he wanted to get physically involved but didnt want to commit. according to him i was not the right person. i had many Bad Qualities in me! dont understand god wat all this is and were it will end. will Tamal ever talk to me also i dont know. for now i can write only so much. will tell u the other things some other time. bye


I?ve struggled with my lying for a long time. I know it?s a terrible thing, and it has gotten me into a lot of trouble personally in the past as well as being disrespectful towards those I lie to and towards God. I really feel that I have made progress towards bettering myself but yesterday I lied again. I was talking to a woman I will be doing some work for, and had mentioned previously that I had an event I had to attend in the morning before I could go to her house. Since then I have found out that the event is actually a couple of days earlier. It is a pretty major event and I felt incredibly embarrassed and incompetent for thought it was on a different day, and when she asked about it I said they?d moved it, rather than admit something so embarrassing. She was very sympathetic, because it gives me less time to prepare. I know she has a lot of other things going on in her life and probably doesn?t really care that much, but I feel terrible for lied. I?m so sorry. I?ll do better.

God Forgive Me.

Dear God, I?m frequent sexual thoughts and dreams, it has lead me to masterbate. I?am really sorry. Forgive me for I?am a sinner. I love you so much.

shame please forgive me God

Forgive me Father for I have sinned… My last confession was last month, April 2009. I?ve commited masterbation 3 times. I feel so ashamed. Please oh Please forgive me… Forgive me i beg of you. I never want to engage in that sexual activity ever again. I feel ashamed of myself. I?m trying my best to avoid temptation…please God please have mercy on me…


I went on a date with a wonderful, amazingly sweet guy who is so honest, caring, upstanding. We lost contact for about a week and I took that to mean that he wasn?t interested in me, so I engaged in sexual activities with an ex. I mean- I didn?t go running to my ex. I was feeling sorry for myself and my ex is the only one I?ve ever ??been with??. So- it just happened. And I feel horrible for it. Especially now that my date has contacted me and apologized for his absence and sounded sincere in doing so. So essentially, I am confessing the fact that I?ve had premarital sex and have not been completely honest with this new guy in my life. I feel I don?t deserve him.


i have looked at very bad videos and i feel that i will be in trouble, i am so sorry and i never want to do it again, i did not know what i was doing but now i ask you to forgive me, and please lord hear this prayer, i have sinned, i have lied, i have done wrong please lord just please forgive me and let my sould rest in peace. amen

Asking for forgiveness

I was very ignorant to somebody and upset and it may cost me my 25 year career. I was only trying to impress and make a friend. I am so sorry. I don?t want to lose my family and marriage over this. God forgive me and bring a circle of protection around me, my family and marriage. Restore love to my wife for me.