begging for forgiveness

please god…i want to start a new life…did many sins…wasted time…i want to change..for my love..n for my mom n dad…i want to become true to myself…please give the strength to do that…please pray for me…will u???


Forgive me my frens, stranger, and god. im sorry that ive risked everyone?s lives, im sorry i was a coward, im sorry ive traumatized them, im sorry to acting a bitch that night, im sorry ive overdid it, im sorry i tried to cope out, im sorry for the stress and pessimism that ive been spreading, im sorry for causing worry, im sorry for complaining, im sorry being a screw up, i need to grow up, im sorry for causing stress to the stranger, im sorry for my ugly character. I want to change and am changing, but for now i need to be down in the dumps for weeks before i can be a better me again. Please understand everyone…for now i have to put on a front so i wont have to worry people anymore, but inside i will be dying for a while until i can pick myself up again. Forgive me god, frens, and stranger. im so sorry. im a scumbag and a piece of crap. i am truly sorry. i cant go back in time, im sorry god, please have mercy on me forgive me, please dont have my family and frens worry about me. please bless that stranger. forgive me


firstof all thank u god 4 givin me every thing in life.. i really mean it 4m the core of my heart. i really love u. inspite of havin every thin i m not happy i guess its only bcoz of the wrong tins i have done. i think i have never taken life seiously. i had only wished 4 being my ppl happy n me too.. dere were mannny a times wen i felt tat u dnt love me or hear me or may b abt ur existance . i m sorry . i have hurt many ppl my parents n sanket . my sorry will b very small 4 it . i confess to my wrong doins.. plz god help me i mmade to do those things wic i dnt want to .. m just not tat happy.. but wud b happy if u forgive me . plz always b with me. i believe u n love u. truly.. plz god reply me………..

I need too confess:

Dear Heavenly Father I have a serious confussion to make. u already know what i gonna write but if i don?t keep taking it out heart. i don?t remeber how let it go. this something I do deserve punishment but you loving and forgiveing father u word say u forgive. God thoughts fears i can?t control. Jesus I betrayed my son in your sight i so shame with hatred. i was so parnoid and stressed with tenstionall over. i was afraid of the end of world I couln?t stop labeling my son for something he not. jugding himand treat in haert he wasn?t worthy of heaven honest i wasn?t cause of my false judgement. i hope u come throw for me i pray so much i get tried of myself it cased self hatred bitternedd resintment everything I never was. LOrd for about some years now i been livng in fear our lives instead leavin it up to you. please do?t pushish me for wrong fear. i was afraid for his social security card cause i disd the number but i creative that wrongful and thinkinh i ashamed i would not ever want my son hurt no one or take over . i don?t know what came over me . i know that not true cause he knows you lord and where not those kind people. do that i pray for his salvation if I torment him or any family i so sorry. jesus i was afraid to pray because i won?t feel u listen . i pray break all curse i put on my son and my self don?t let touch us. jesus i?m sorry i put the world in my heart inside god in god love i?m ashamed i put fear evil inside trusting jesus in heaven. all want and wish for is make it heaven i know by heart and my thoguhts against i would let me in but i messed so bad i need love of god up there in heaven and i need my son by my side, he don?t know what real love is cause he hasn?t felt god true mother bond wiht fear since he was 4 his already nine. god father god forgive for trapasses against my own blood and love for you and him. please that satan and his lies offf his mind heart soul that including my pain distrust i never want to brainwas h my self or mhim cause i never want hurt anymore and most all worst sin of all is most forgiveness i made was putting satan# on my mind and comparing to such evil oh god i sorry more than life and explain if it wasn?t a sin to kill ur self i probably have if i didn?t have look after him and protect him i would have that how bad it got! most all all Jesus not trusting in firdt place to keep us safe . i figured when i couldn?t get mind to myself you cursed me lord if bind binded me i was alful foolest decieved fool but please for the god father will not binded innocent child who?s never felt love all knows getting spirtually attacked felt you loved and was good enough. he does know you i try but i look liar cause i still not fully healed. can u please give ur love to him but have him love you first cause ur real love. i ?m one messed up me not ever disrepect my baby and your heart in eyes of the lord. please can you have phophesy people stop scarring us cause we love u and we don?t want to believe in enemy of the world the more they feed worst we become please god can help if read it go head if scred or worried go to ur heart. I ?m sick been attack i can?t take it worrying about a dicator of nations when searching for heaven in love jesus+christ the plus is cross to me do make regular ordinary people and ones that don?t want people hurt or control others suffer. save us together. i don?t go to church heaven is home most safest place on earth please forgive me and prove them pastor turn backs on me see me in you pearlly heaven .I wish that jesus take evil 6 out menbrane and strong feeling guilt out replace with love heaven god and jesus help me change and proud of my son for being good person.and help trust u then him grow up and do the rght things in life stay away danger and follow you God jesus+christ . my faith grow trust him he will have honsest innocent job no matter what love jesus please take over my conscience!

I Have Hurt My Mother

Dear Lord, I have physically & mentally abused my mother just 3 days back. I love her very much. Iam rendered Jobless from past 5 months, Iam trying my best to find a new job but she is so depressed that she is consuming sleeping pills which can cause her damage. Even after repeated requests she takes this pills & lies. 3 days back i was unable to control my anger & i raised my hand on her, Kicked her and abused her. Iam really sory lord. Save me of my sins

betray you about promises

i thank you for what you have given to me this year, I won?t forget this single year forever, specially about those people you gae me, specially mariela. I know i have promised you during the whole year not to mastubate and i kwon i haven?t kept that promise at all.i ask you for your holy redemption one more time since I owe you a lot man, really, thankyou for last night with mariela, you are awesome dude!! this time i?ll keep it for real for the holy and sacred honor of the muse.agreed


I have dabbled in the occult,engaged in same sex activity, and masturbation. I have sto money from my parents. I have taken the lords name in vain, and spoken against the church. I have engaged in gossip and calumny. I tend to be two faced and self serving. I have been lazy.I have taken things from work, and spent frivolously. I am a compulsive spender. I am very conflicted spiritually and don?t always know what i believe but always feel pulled towards the church,feel a hypocrite.

Im sorry Lord

I have spiritually, sexually, imaginatively assaulted the Blessed Virgin Mother,I?m sorry about it. It?s hounding me through the rest of my life. Please forgive me Lord Jesus.

im sorry my savior

mygod where do i start oh jesus im so sorry for lying so much and messin up the family im sorry for hitting my mom and im sorry for a bad mind i beg you my lord take my evil away i cant stand my head im in trouble please my lord i have sworn on the bible and lied i cant take it my lord please im tryin my king so hard guide me


Over twenty years ago, I had an affair with the wife of a friend. I truly believed I loved her — maybe I did. Both our spouses found out. I ended up getting divorced and later remarried. She is still married to my old friend. I have never called her or him to apoligize but I deeply regret the emotional pain that everyone went through. I would to ask her forgiveness but don?t want to cause more problems for her. Lord, please forgive me for my sins. I pray that she and my old friend are happy and have gone on with their lives.