Bad Stuff

I am only 12 years old. Im the youngest in my family. Ive always been looked down appon. My brother and I have recently had a fist fight. (he?s fourteen) I curse on a daily basis but never infront of family. I just cursed in front of my mom and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend wasn?t acting as kindly as he should and they got into an arguement. Me being a protective son interveined and started yelling at her boyfriend. I have mixed emotions about this and Im asking the good Lord for forgiveness and I didnt feel that praying was helping me get over it… So i had to tell someone who didnt know and I?m glad that its you. This has helped me to relieve me of my pain…

Forggive me and pray for me

Jesus! i have commited mistakes and i ask u to forgive it and i take oath that hereafter i want repeat the same mistake again and i ask you to bless me to rite my public exam and secure high marks

God please Forgive and help me.

God, I have sinned against you and my wife. I have come clean to her about a one night stand and we both have seeked counseling and our talking about the barriers I need to put up to protect me from the temptations. But God I have not told her about another one night stand before that and That I have been to sleazy adult bookstores and unfortunitly I have acted a women in these places wearing womens underwear and pantyhose and given oral and masterbated guys. God I have struggled with the issue of crossdressing since I was about 4 years old and now I go to stores and try on womens high heels and clothing making myself sin and making others feel uncomfortable in helping me. I have sinned against you God and I want to ask for total forgiveness. I know and believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour and God you sent him to die and be resurrected so you can have a relationship with me. God I do not my sinful nature and I want to be a man after your own heart. I want to be forgiven and start over and have your word dwelling in my soul. I love you God and I love my wife. PLease Forgive me. Thank you God


My name is Lil. Im generally a good person. Im a good Mother, a good Friend, and a generous spirit. I got in over my head on a business transaction and I lied a lot to get out of the mess I was in. I hurt partners, investors, and my self. I attracted scammers and unscroupulous people and then lied to get out of the messes I got in. I want to start over and do this right and produce what I can for my business and my family


I felt so guilty..I?ve fal into immorality with a woman I seduced..I am married to a wonderful woman and we have a beautiful daughter and one coming up next year…I feel so helpless..I felt I have fal beyond redemption…God have mercy on me, an adulterer…


I have forgive me for i have sinned. i have done horrible things God only me and you know what i am talking about. i know you saw me and knew before the events evn took place. Forgive me, it will never ever happen again. In jesus name i pray over all my confessions Amen

the same person

i have also been sexually atracted to my aunt and have done things accordingly, i seek forgiveness God forgive me!

Oh Lord forgive me for i have sinned

throughout my teenage life i have been an excessive masterbater. one night i sucked my cousins feet and my moms as well, i am disgusting, lord God forgive me!

forgive my sins

especially my thought process on my sexual desires, i think its a sin for me to always be horny and have promiscuous sex, God please give me strength, to overturn my eagerness of the flesh and become a better christian.

my little secret

my little secret! ?I have a fetish for my wife?s panties . I to jerk off watching p. I use my wife?s clean silk pantie to jerk off with while smelling a pair of her soiled panties . Just before I come i flip the crotch of the clean pantie over my cock head & cum in the cotton lined gusset ! Great – no clean up . Now this is when my little secret starts . I put that wet cum stained pantie back in her Clean draw . The next day she unknowingly puts on that cum stained pantie . My wife never wears CLEAN PANTIES . She has been wearing my cum next to her cunt for the last 5 years ! She would be pissed to find out ! She once caught me smelling her soiled pantie . She got so mad she started hiding her soiled panties on me . Well guess what ? I have found all of her hiding places . I sometimes put some of her soiled panties back in her so called ??CLEAN DRAW??. It becomes a chalge to see how many times I can get her to wear the same cum stained [ by me ] soiled [ by her ] pantie . I think her record with the same dirty pantie is 6 times ! I even have a hidden clean pair in bed with us. In the middle of the night I sometimes get up – go to the bathroom – put on her soiled pair over my head so that I can smell her soiled crotch & jerk off in the crotch of the the clean pantie . Or better yet – when we have sex & she falls asleep – I use that pantie to to clean OUR come off my cock . She will get to wear this special pantie sometime . On laundry day she puts the clean panties on top in her draw . I rotate the stock [ I have a reserve of hidden soiled panties that I have stol from her hiding spot ] on top of the clean ones . This way I make sure she has always a soiled pair to unknowingly put on ! [ very thoughtful of me ] Then the chalge begins again to start cumming in those clean panties . I always make sure my WIFE NEVER WEARS A CLEAN PANTIE . This is my little secret & it turns me on very much to share this with someone else