I lied to someone to get a guitar pick at a peter frampton concert.

I?ve mucked up

Once again I?ve mucked up. And I?m sorry. I was at a school event. I drank. In front of a teacher. And I?m underage. I?ve never felt more guilty before in my life, because I can?t tell anyone. A true confession is one where you cease and decist the sinful behaviour. And I can promise you this, I will never do this again. I guess I?m still growing up and learning about decisions and their opportunity costs, and this has been a big learning curve. I?m sorry. Please forgive me.


i had a baby from another man that wasnt my husband i feel so ugly so ashamed of myself my husband and i got back together after 3 years we where seperated i ask god to forgive me i know in my heart that i did wrong i ask my husband to forgive me but he still grieves over the pain i cause to him and my kids o lord i ask for your forgiveness

masturbation / lust

I have been meeting girls online and participating in cybersex. It has be come a secret addiction that I am ashamed of.

Sorry I messed up.

I am sorry I left you a voice mail. I understand now I am NOTHING to you but someone to use. You are with her,and even though you could be Happier with me,I understand you are going to stay with her. This is why I can no longer talk with you any longer. I have loved you for so long,but now I am second best to you so I am walking away because I deserve better.


Last night I was with a guy and he was being too pushy with things. I should have just got up and left the room but I didn?t. I feel horrible. He made me do something that I really didn?t want to happen. But I can?t really say that he made me, but he was a little forceful and I should have just left. I feel so used.

the love

i love my boyfriend but i other man and i know that the man never will with me i can?t stop think in him so i felt that i?m not a good girlfriend because i feel a lier

I use my wife and her friends to get off

I have been using my wife and her friends to get off. My wife allows me to take very explicit photos of her, which she believes I afterwards. I have kept every single picture and video of her. I have gotten into the habit of sharing those pictures online, of course without her knowing. There are quite a few of her friends and coworkers that has seen these pictures. I even showed her brother-in-law who gets off looking at them too. I?ve also been using my wife?s friend?s to get off, I go through their hampers and find their underwear to masturbate too. I?ve done this so many times I lost track how many times I?ve done it.

too much

dear god i want you to forgive me for all my sints. in 2007, january I transported drugs from the carribean to the netherlands. my mum found out and it hurted her a lot. pleae forgive for that and for the sufering i caused my mum. I also want to confess that two of my causin have made love to me. I have had relation with other boys, have consumed drugs, all my money spended on alcohol and fun. I want to follow a better life. I don?t want to continue this. please give e the strenght and the power. i don?t want to lie to my mum anymore, nor to my family. pleae give me power. amen

i have sucked cock

my name is paul hubka and i am a guy and i have sucked cock before and loved it and still love doing it and had 1 guy cum on my face i sucked one guy off im my car and he cam in my mouth and the other guy cam on my face again i love to suck cock …….