my sin

I?m a male and i think i am gay i to see gay p. I am a teenager 15 years old i fight with my brothers and my mom. My mom and dad are separated me and my dad we use to fight olot with him i hate him and he hates me. Sometimes i had duty thinking me my brothers and mom dad have s. But when they got separeted i suddently stop thinking that. When I was on Mexico I remember I saw the virgin gadalupe with other eyes a woman sometimes I think I imagine her naked but now I do not imagine that. I stop beliving in god but now I believe in him yesterday me and my brother had a fight I took my rosary off so we can fight when we stop fighting I look for my rosary and it was shatered some invisible force have broket and that was impossible to happen because it?s made of little interlocking chains and the beads are made of lapis -lazuly then I fix it with a tool I got scared and I put it away sometimes I imagine Jesus naked and sex but now stop thinking that. When I was 3 years old I got trick by a cousin he told me an my bother 2 years old if we wanted berries we have to have sex with him my cousin was 4 years old back then an we have sex we do not know it was bad and he did not give as any berries he told us to don?t tell any one then me and my brother went home there was no one home and went to the bathroom and have sex me and my brother . I feel so but about my self now and forever.

all my sins

i had lost my virginity when i was 15 i live with my boyfriend and we are not married ive yelled at my parents i never listen to what they have to say i swear way too much i used gods name in vain please god please forgive me

He shouldnt love me

plain and simple i lied i made a mistake and slept with a man i didnt love and no feling for him what so ever and now that im with the one i love i dont know how hes gonna react I regret what i did and i dont know what to do i havent slept with any other man but him and i love him my first time was a mistake and i hope he can understand that when the truth comes out

my confessions

i lost my virginity at age 13 ive cursed at my parents ive wished bad for others ive desired other people things ive dishonered my parents ive lied i used gods name in vain forgive me god


i have been sex with my best friend almost since i got married. i have used the excuse of being deployed, but that doesn?t make it right. i don?t know how to cut it off. i fear telling my husband about this… i don?t think he?ll ever forgive me or trust me again.


I love my teacher ,please God forgive me because he is somedy already married.


forgive me for 5 abortions…in that moment i thought it was the best choice, i was young and stupid..

im selfish

ive said the lords name in vain. ive worshiped idols. ive never practiced th e sabbath. ive dishonored my parents by being lazy, and use drugs. ive had an abortion. i lie. ive sto money. and i covet a differnt body and life. i probably really hurt this girl tina becasue i just stopped talking to her without a reason.

Just too egocentric

I?M a really egocentric and selfish girl , the things that I do I only make it because I want a reward , I don?t think so much about others peoplev feeling I usually hurt people because of that and I ?m really sorry for being that

to God

I am truly sorry that I sometimes masturbate and sometimes use a ??sex toy??. I feel this is a disservice to me and a discredit to my deceased husband. I am also very judgemental and I regret that.