I have sinned. In a fit of jealously and anger, I keyed someone?s car. I never told the person on the damage I caused. I feel I put this person on an emotional ride that I really regret. I have a tough time sleeping and eating because of the thing I did. After doing this, I feel I want to make a complete change in my life and never want to revert back in to sin again.

I am internally sorry and regretful

Please forgive me I can?t live with this guilt anymore- I had an abortion about 16-17 years ago. I have been married with the father of this baby and had 2 more children that I gave birth to now are teenagers. The abortion wasn?t worth it, I suffer from a cheating and lying husband- pay back. Please Lord help me move on and end this marriage! Thank you- Amen

property damage sort of

I stayed in a relative?s house while no one else lived there and forgot to turn off the water in the bathroom sink one day. I was trying to handwash something and got distracted. When I heard a strange dripping sound I looked in the bathroom and saw water everywhere on the floor. I cleaned it up but then discovered it had leaked through the floor into the basement. I cleaned up the water on that floor and wiped off the plywood ceiling. After a week or so I had to glue down some of the floor tiles that had come loose in the basement. The ceiling ended up with some water stains on the plywood but it already had some stains elsewhere so I was hoping no one would ever notice a few more. I never told the relative what had happened.

I am going to lie

Please, God, forgive me and understand that I choose to lie in order to protect my mother?s memory and to protect myself. I even ask you to give me the strength to do this before others in court. Please forgive my selfishness, my pride, my cruelty. Please remove the darkness all my sins have left on my soul. I only want some peace and security after a lifetime of sacrifice. If You can show me a way without lying, please, please, please lead me there now. My sister & brother have won in life?s game and now they would take what little Mom left me unless I lie. Forgive me and I embrace this sin.

please forgive me god

dear god i hav started to speak lies these recent days ..i felt it was ok to say some lies but nw its becomin my habit..pls forgive me . nd also forgive because i hav broken the hearts of my few good friends


I made a mistake a year or more ago and it happened a few times. I was unhappy in my marriage and found a way to forget things by sleeping with another man. I slept with him only 2 times but had emotional feelings for him for a while…I want to ask for gods forgivness..Please god forgive me!

High School Classes

Lying about virtual classes in high school in order to graduate.. Lying to JB/MJ about it…procrastinating, not finshing them, making up grades…potentially getting J in trouble…wasting $

Bad since day 1

I know that I am going to hell in a hand-basket and don?t want to go but I have to get this off my chest because it is killing me for more than 6 years. 5 days after getting home from my honeymoon, I had sex with my ex-girlfriend and never told her that I was married. She found out a few years later and thanks to the great internet she found out and had a baby with my wife. I came up with a convaluted lie and told her I did it through a female donor. She believed me and the thought is eating me on the inside because if I told her she would just die because for years I lied to her and told her that I would never have sex with anyone except her. I did it because she has very low self-asteem and she would attempt suicide and she has in the past. Could not bring myself to telling her the blunt truth, and kept her around for years because she is the best sex partner ever but that is all she has going for her. She is not the brightest person, took her more than 15 years to get her BS degree, she can?t complete any task in life, very materialistic, thinks the world owes her everything, and speaks as if she has a 5th grade language skill. She is a few fries short from a Happy Meal and decided to keep it inside for years. My wife is not the very best person either and have contracted herpes simplex virus from her and she has completely let herself go. She gained more than 60 pounds and not doing anything about making an effort to lose the weight. So I resorted to an online site and have met an amazing woman who is not happy in her own home and we are both doing the wrong thing and we both know it. I am doing this because I lack affection at home, no sex, everything is an argument and she is a complete mess, she don?t cook, don?t clean and have no clear sight of things getting better. Got 2 kids and sucking it up for their well being because I can?t see them being brought up alone by their mother because they will require therapy later on in life and don?t want them growing up in a single family home. I pray that I am forgiven for my transgression against my ex and wife.

Taco Show-er

I need to confess that I tried to show my Taco to Kristin, and she shot me down, but then she really did wanna see my taco


i hooked up with another man through text message.