This is truely the site for sinners and confession

I just read about 20 confessions, and will now add my own. Like so many others I to struggle with p, makes me feel dirty. And other times I just don’t give a damn. Besides jacking off like just about every body I to do a lot of swearing, gossiping, back biting, I used to steal, drink and do drugs, and even smoked. For the most part I have grown beyond these. Christ has helped me. But basically being a born again vigin, I have a hell of time dealing with unmet s needs. I know s is reserved for marriage. But for me I am to old and fat, plus getting my butt beat by earlier in life bad decisions to get married. However that being said, I still know all things are possible with Christ. God forgive and help an angry old sinner.

Great, another new addiction

Yeah thats right, I have picked up a new addiction. I finally got off drugs, alcohol, women, and tobacco, only to pick up p as a new problem. I watch p only about twice a week and practice sinful things..I don’t like it but my damn duality takes over, what I mean is can go to church one minute, the next do the big sin and then volunteer or something like that. That’s what I call duality. I picked up this habit about a year ago off and on, but now it is a routine. I need to stop, I know this isn’t God’s plan for me. But he sure is slow on meeting my unmet needs. I think that’s why I do what I do. I have given up on God. And in some areas of my life I feel he just isn’t interested. Who knows… God are you listening. I want to change but I want you to be interested too. God bless and forgive me and help all those WHO feel like I do.

I wish I was stronger

Yes, I wish I was stronger, you know I gave into temptation this week I watched the P word again and did the imoral deed again. I don’t do it all the time, but the more I try to get over it the more I think about it. I don’t know what to do… I fast, go to church, tithe, volunteer etc,etc, but I can’t seem to conquer this. I know a part of me likes it so I believe I self sabotage myself. Also I would like to confess my other sins to ya all…I am a real grumpy person at heart when I am by myself, but when I am around others I am super patient and easy going. Also I swear alot, give people I don’t like funny not mean Nick names that fit their ass like behavior. I have had a lot of evil thoughts and angry feelings lately. I am a mess. God forgive an old worn out sinner, though I can be a mean bastard please take care of me and bring me back into your fold.

Can someone pray for me.

As I scanned the confession sites, I found this one. I believe this is the best one. I totally relate to the former confessions and struggle with the exact same issues. Especially the p. It’s destroying way to many of us. Please some one pray for me.. To have victory over my sins, especially the p stuff. May God bless you all, and may he grant all of us victory. Thanks Jesus, I am pleading your blood for all sinners and myself.

My true desire

A relation in which we are free to express our thoughts and feelings, and in which we take meaningful part of each other’s life, and that is all perfectly known, visible and acceptable to both sides.

That which I did not want to admit, for reasons not worth mentioning anymore.
I just wish to be with you.

mi vida

Hola me confieso o no se la verdad me arrepiento de la persona que soy tengo 21 años soy mujer, me enamore un hombre que no me corresponde, no me he organizado económicamente, trato siempre de complacer a los demás y no me valoro yo misma la verdad no me siento digna ante Dios y ante lo demás,he hecho cosas por ayudar y me empeoro yo misma y no he tenido buena relacion familiar

Help, I can’t stop sinning

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me, I read my scripture, pay tithing, go to church, volunteer and serve others, but I can’t overcome certain sins of immorality. I have a personal relationship with Christ. But can’t seem to stop watching p . Though it’s only twice a week, plus related sins. You would like think I the discipline and desire to drop . I can sin 1minute and then go out and save soals. See how messed up that is. Please pray for me, I need help. May God forgive and save me and others like me.

Still messing up

Once again for the 15,000th time I still watched p and did the dumb deed. I am so mad at myself. I even started going back to church. Etc. I guess I am not really ready to change. Although I totally mean it at the time. God grant me your forgiveness and reconciliation. Total absolution. Forgive me as I forgive others.

Looks like I am not the only one who struggles with these

I would like to change my life, for myself and God. As a forever single person I struggle with personal immorality. Lately I have picked up a habit, I hate this it darkens my spirit and damages my other strengths. I am believer, a church goer, etc. But I am lately very eak in this area. It is making me feel insensitive and unfeeling in other areas of my life. I need to repent. I need real fortitude for which I am sadly lacking. God save a lonely old sinner. Forgive me as I forgive others. Thanks…

Still blowing off God

Once again I chose myself and sin instead of God. I watched p and did the dirty deed. I guess I am going to hell, because of my self will and disobedience. God save me ..a poor sinner…….