Please forgive me all. I have been a biotch. I always have loved love. But i good never find it. So i get jealous. I fall in ??love?? with my friends crushes/boyfriends. Sorry to all i have hurt being jealous.

i caught my mom w/dogshit

I walked in on my mom fucking our dog while she was eatting a pile of his fresh dogshit… it turned me on so i sucked the cat while eatting its shit so i could be her. i also spread it all over myself and recorded it… i hope someday we can do this together… i love my mommy.

I?m sorry husband

I am so sorry, my sweet husband. Tomorrow our divorce is final. I know there is so much water under the bridge, and both of us have already moved on with other people. But I miss you so much. I am so sorry I hurt you, and sorry I didn?t speak up years ago before it was too late. I?m sorry I ran from it all. I cheated on you with someone else, and you cheated on me with your work. I am so much trouble letting you go…I don?t know if it?s you I am trying so desperately to let go of, or perhaps the dream I had of a happy marriage with two people who stay deeply in love till the end of their days. May God forgive me for my sins, and may He heal my heart

fofos dad

my friend fofo?s real dad died when she was young i told my other friend lets call her gaffer the story which i appartly wasn?t supposed to know. i had heard it from my other friends mom and she had told it a little differently than at really happened with fofo?s dad. so anyways i told my gaffer the story thinking that she already knew and then she went and told fofo wat i had said. and the next thing i knew i was being called a bitch and was being ganged up on after school.5 to 1. the 1 being bff cece s fofo and i never really have cause she starts drama. but cece s her and cece is my bff so had to hang out with fofo. but now i was going to have to go to school and have cece hanging out with fofo and me all by myself. overall i feel so bad about wat happened because fofo started crying when she got to her car and so did i. but wat i am most scared of is her mom cause her mom is going to be pissed!!!!!! : o help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – lolo


last year i was in the popular group best friends with the head of the populars lets just caller her cat. but i had recently got in a fight with her other best friend lets call her sippy .i felt she was trying to take cat away from me. i felt so strongly about this that i hacked into sippy?s email and sent cat an email saying that i was a bitch and stuff. but cat found out and still ha not forgiven me sippy has almost forgiven getting friendlier and friendlier bye the day.

Affair with a co-worker

I am married to a wonderful hard working man, but he has worked so much and I am now an affair with a man I work with, I have fell in love and cannot fight it. I fell in love with him before I ever met with him, had just talked to him on phone for 6 months everyday being his dispatcher for our company. Not a day goes by that I am not thinking of him. My heart is with this man and I know it cannot work since he is married also. We are crazy over each other, and it feels wonderful. I am sorry….

sorry to a priest

ai had an argument with my parish priest. He seems to forgive me but does not talk to me much or my husband whom he screamed and yelled for a simple chair that was put in a wrong place. We are good people. My husband served our country for 20 years and never was treated the way our priest is acting. I am sorry and I have told him so but I do not think he will ever let it go or forgive me. Rose


hi im Bobby, all u people i read some of your sins. Now whether you sinned once or million times, hell is for all those ! Theres no discrimination against how many times you sinned. SO MY MESSAGE TO YOU WONDERFULL PEOPLE— Now that you practiced cofesson, go to the real confesson on Saturday for REAL ! JESUS be with you children. Bobby the sinner.

ple god help me

i dont know why our meregelife not really going good i think my husband dont care about me if i say i have some pain in my leg or something he never asked for to give me some medicine or let me do maasge or nothing but if he have some problem i always asked him u want me to give u some medicine or let me do masage…..but when he dont asked me i feel why i am care about him bec i love him?

Idk anymore

I guys, , a lot. But I find that girls in bikinis and big boobs also turn me on. I think I?m bi. eek!!!