sucked my friends cock

Many years ago, while I was living at home, during the night, I thought that I felt something hard against my butt. I was right, and as I reached behind me to find out what it was, I grabbed at it, and turned to see that it in fact was my friends cock. Sensing that he would hate me forever for doing this, I quickly shoved the goddamn thing into my mouth. I was right, to this day, he still hates me for doing that to him.

I am sorry that I love your husband

I am in love with your husband. You know that. We have spoken. I never intended to hurt your daughter. That being said, she should respect her father?s privacy. Your marriage could not have been everything it should have been if he was looking for someone to complete his life. I don?t being the outsider right now. Because I think I am the missing piece of this puzzle. I believe I could actually help you and he put your family back together. It wont work without my input. I told you I was willing to walk away. You hesitated and then never answered. It leads me to believe you don?t want me to walk away. He is walking your line at the moment. I hope that is the answer that you two need to fix this. I didn?t destroy anything or anyone. I brought a situation in your life into the light and, hopefully, it can be repaired into what you have always wanted. Yes, I love you husband. And I love him enough to let him go. I am sorry.

The Father?s Adopted Son,

I am sorry to have offended you, Blessed Jesus, forgive me my sins, I am an affront to you and the love you have shown me. Why do I do what I loathe in myself and others? I have committed the sin of adultery, this last weekend, and again last summer. You know this as you are always with me. I am sorry for my actions, and I commit to remaining faithful hereafter. I have viewed pornography, and involved myself in the fantasy of sexual freedom, and the impurity that comes with it. I am deeply sorry. I have sto. Much of it has been rationalized. I commit to honesty and openness in my future dealings. I have used your name in vain. I am sorry to have rejected you. I am one of those who rejected you. Please do not reject me. Please help me to abide with you, and to live a life of purity and service to others. Thank you Lord Jesus for the opportunity to reveal my heart to you. I beg your forgiveness. Amen.

taird of my life i wanna daie

i dont know why god dont give me any happiness in my life since i get merried i have some problem in my life my exhusband he left me for his exwife then i get merried again before i think everythings doing god in my life i am so happy in my meregelife but after 3 years i findout my husban have affier with exgirlfriend i feel so bad bec i am fat ugly thats why he find another girl then we talk and everthigs going good but its still in my maind but i just control my self its gona be better one day then everythings good now my husband when he drinks he fight with me then he told me everything bad about me and my family i hate this why he always says bad about my family my mom dad not live hear they dnot come to eat my husband s house why he always something bad about my mom dad now i get tird of all this i just wanna daie and i have another problem its been 3 years we get merried i dont have any kids yet and i am tierd to give answer to everybody now what am gona do i am just says i have some problem in my body thats why i can not get pregnet and 3 or 4 months i am gona take divorce then just kill my self i dont wanna stay this all the time i have to crayyyyyyyyyy i am so tierd now ple god help me or forgive me if i do something wrong ple

Stole 230,000 from work

My names Charles Manson, i am a homo sexual. i stole 230,000 from work. money? no. people. i hate them and then had sex with there fingers. i love china man!


I have a drinking problem, and it is getting to make my life with my partner very uneasy, I would really want to stop. Can any one help?

for the one who sucked his neiber?s dick

first of all you can alwas dinay the truth by saying they both against you becuse of a spesific issue. and you can always call the police and accuse them for sexual abuse…

got caught sucking pussy AND dick

I waz hih ad drunc and dint kno wati waz dooooin and next thong i kno my mum wakd in on mee sucking my best friends dock and my girlfrendz pussy an she kiked me ot and im hih azhell wat do i dooooo? but i think im ghey…. hmmm… OH MAII GAWD. IM NOT GHEY IM A TRANSY IMMA GET DA SURGERY AND EVERYTHING ETERNNAL HAPPINESS <3

Dumb and Hurting Mom

I have four grown children in their forties who have any contact with me and I don?t know why they are be this way. I am 67years old, living in an assisted facility for 5 years now. I am totally alone, and spend my days praying for a phone call, a card, a visit, something. How could this have happened to me ? I also have three grandsons all in their twenties. Where do they think Grandma is? Please help me as I am very sad and lonely. I have tried many times to contact them by phone, mail and e-mails. I have tried to keep aware of my health, my fears of being alone and sometimes I am hungry, How can I fix things if I don?t know what I have done. I love and miss all my children every moment. Can you help me? I have let them know I have a terminal disease. I don?t want anything but communication and now I feel after all this time it could never be the same again. Crying Mother in Orange County. Please you may even know them as they too are in Orange County…they are Jim, Susan, David, John, Michael, Jason, and Mathew. Thank you for any help you can give and of course your prayers are most welcome and needed.

i dont know

i dont know how how many times i have cheated on you. i thought that maybe it would make me love you less and help me move on. it seemed you loved everything else more than us. i still love you. i always will. please forgive me. you dont deserve this. i hope you find happiness.