caught sucking a cock

I was home ,and decided to dress in my wifes panties and bra, and called my next door neighbor , who I knew was gay ,any way my wife came home early and found me on my knees sucking his cock ,now she has made me her sissy . And now she is me suck her new boy friends cocks ,She says my 3 inch cock could never satisfy her in the first place ,and if I dont do what she says ,she will tell every one what happened ,and now my gay friend is on her side, and tells me he will back up her story if I dont suck his cock when he wants, what should I DO?

I can?t have a relationship

I married and alcoholic guy, I am divorced him over 14 years now, I don?t trust men, I meet someone, i was really interested in, then i found that he was a womanizer, sometimes i think i am going to spend the rest of my life alone.

I?m pregnant

…my husband and i wanted so long and hard to have a baby,and after 9 years of marriage and wanting that perfect family,i finally am,the thing is even though it?s his,most definantly,i all of a sudden don?t want to be tied down in a marriage anymore,so i went and filed divorce papers on our marriage and he will be getting them any day now,all the happiness that he ever wanted with me is going to be over soon.Why am I not sad?When he gets home tonight,i won?t be here,i?m headed for Lubbuck.

I can?t do this..

i?m sorry..i loved you so very much before and put my all into us.I trusted everything you did and who you were and now that i caught u lying saying you are single and was going to cheat on me with the ??fake?? girl i made up on the phone chat that u didn?t even just disgusts me…i can?t believe u still..and now that u made everything okay between us and are thinking we could just go back to the way it was,i haven?t gotten over that when i told u i was..secretly,i don?t trust u at all.Not one bit..and the ring u want to give me soon…i don?t want it…i?m about to say it?s over…im not sorry,u should be…


I haven?t told my husband that I?m really a man. If he hasn?t figured it out after six months, to hell with it.

i feel so bad my husband chet me

i feel so bad on my self bec i am ugly and fat thats why my husband cheat me he love his exgirlfriend now and lie to me all the time i wanna live him but i love him a lot more then my self i can not talk with no one my problem and its in my maind all the time i dont know why god makes us ugly ?i alredy give him 3 chance but next time same happned i am just gona live him so he can enjoy his life with beutiful women or exgirlfriend i dont know where i am gona go probebly i am gona die bec i cant live without him i love him a lot but i think he dont me i wnna cry but i cant he heart me a lot i always told him i can share everything with somebody exept my husband and i show him my love all the time i hug him when i see him and kiss him a lot almost 25 to 30 times a day i love to make him happy but i think he dont understand me or my feeling thats why his going with someone else and i seen his mail too he write he miss his exgirlfriend a lot and when his in bed he thinkd ex g f with him bec its too cold at night so when i seen my bed those line in my maind before i to spend time in my bed room or bed but now when i go in my bedroom i remember those line and i feel i am burning inside but i can i told him all this he dont belive me and i dont wanna heart his feeling again bec i fight him when i find out all this and we traying to have baby but i dont get pregnet so i feel so bad thats all my foult thats why he dont love me i am gona wait for 1 year if i dont get pregnet i am gona give him devorce and tell everybody i have some problem in my body thats why i dont give him baby so my family dont force me to get merried again bec i dont want think about someone else …then 3 months i am gona finished my self so nobody can blem him i dont want he gets truble or somebody talk bad about him so i deside all this but i can not sare my feeling with somebody else ple god help me show me right way to go

possible to love two men?

i am a happily married woman – 3 great kids, wonderful husband. Last year i reconnected with my first love from high school. hadn?t seen him in over 30 years. we have gotten together a few times over the last several months, and made love each time. (we never did go ??all the way?? back then, so it was our ??first?? time). i feel a bit guilty, but more than than, i feel intense feelings for this man. in many ways i want to be with him, but i also love my husband. real stuff? midlife crisis? i?m confused. never been in this kind of situation before.


I to jack off. O do it a lot

My Cheating Heart

I?m an affair, please forgive me. I love you, not him, but I needed to know that someone still thought that I was special. He makes me feel a goddess. If it weren?t for him coming into my life when he did, I probably would have killed myself.


I finally believe God?s not real. If God was real and knew my heart, he would know I had no faith and was pretending to believe. why lie to God if he is real and sees all? I have now moved beyond this and simply reject the idea of God as real. I feel more at peace than ever.