forbidden love

I have been deeply in love with the same man for 42 years. Unfortunately, it is not my husband. I have 4 children, 2 of which are my lovers. My husband does not know this, believing all 4 are his. My children do not know this either. Having this man in my life has helped me survive some very difficult times. I care for and about my husband and would never leave him. At one time we were separated for 13 years, but age and circumstances have brought us back together under one roof. I will always care for him but I will go to my grave loving another. We spend time together about once a month and that is my salvation and joy. He too is married. It is sad that sometimes we meet our soul mate yet cannot be together all the time. But I accept what I can and cannot have and at this time in my life, makes me content.


I am a virgin, but not at mind. I?ve done things that i am not proud of, and my mind is no longer pure, which is something i am going to live with for the rest of my life. I?ve looked at porn, gotten off on porn, went to a party, got drunk, and sucked some random guy off. I?m sick of myself. I need help. I?m sorry God, please forgive me. I know you are perfect, but i need to know that I am still yours.

I?m sorry

my friend told me they were going to do something that they shouldn?t, and i didn?t tell them not to. i think that they did it. and i?m sorry. i hope i can be a better friend than that.

I got drunk and lost my friend

I got drunk because I was scared of my feelings for a man. when I was drunk I let all my anxiety out on this person, I then verbally abused this same man. I lost him. lost any hope of ANY kind of relationship with him. I used text messages and voice mail and was cruel and ugly to him. I can hardly stand to be with my self my heart is crushed. HOW could I do that to another person? God Please help me


I stole a pink cow girl hat for my daughter this past summer. We had the money for it, but I couldn?t justify paying for it, when my husband wanted the money to buy parts for his car. So I put it on my head and left the tent that it was for sale at. Please forgive me lord. I would donate the hat but it is in rough shape. I have kept the hat put away because of the wrong I have done. I ask the lord for foregiveness. Thank you lord for all that you have provided for my family. In the name of the father, son and holy spirit.

I?m sorry

for what I did when nt sibkings were younger

please guide me

God, I was raped when I was 9. He was a family friend and I didn?t know what to do. He made me give him oral sex while he video taped it. I feel so ashamed! I know that I shouldn?t blame myself but I feel I should have said no. I?ve been living with this for several years now and I still feel it?s my fault. I?ve only seen him once since then but I was so scared of him doing it again. What happens if he puts the video on the internet? God, Please help me! I don?t know what to do!


so Ive met a guy on the net..I lied to him at first about being single..Im married but not happy..Im planning on getting divorced and to be happy one day..I want to be with him so fucking bad but I have to get the papers filed first..well I lied to him about everything…my jail time ,my work,my son…all of it..trying to come clean to him..he knows almost everything about me…and we are so CONNECTED…So now Im him or he chose to help me out with the divorce ….Im scared…Im so scared…God if you can hear me ..send me a sign and tell me that Im doing the right thing..I cant even have sex w/ my husband..he repulses me…Hes gotten to comfortable w/ me and has let himself go…so Im out the door…wish me luck and prey this man loves me as much as I love him…

7 years and 2 kids

Down the road and I am happy but I still fantasize about men at my work.