when i was 12 i stuck a hotdog in my fuckhole i loved it lol it felt good


i had a boyfriend that i didnt but if i dumped him my baby would go with out a father and i dont no what to do dump the guy or what my mom kicked me out of the house because i got in to a fight because i told her i was pregnot and other shit

i dont kno

well i am doing this because i care my sister is only 17 and she is doing drugs and other shit. this is the real thing is i am pregnot and my boyfriend doesnt no and i am only 13 i am scared because if my sister finds out i am in deep shit i have to tell someone courtney estes

sorry i left you.

I never wanted the divorce. But, inside I knew my health was failing and going fast. I knew it would not be long before I couldn?t keep up with you any longer. I did not want you trying to work as hard as you did everyday and come home to play care taker to your wife. I wanted you to be able to be happy, and find someone who wasn?t going to slow down your dreams…..I will always love you. The fact that your happy makes me know that even though I still cry about loosing you, it was the right thing for all of us. The kids made it through the divorce OK, because we both worked hard at it. I?m sorry I caused you so much pain, and never told you the truth.

im sorry

i am a 14 year old boy who is gay. i watch porn and i ware wemens sexy pantis,high heels,bras,make up,and dress when my parants arnt home. when they are i go to my room and mastubate. am i relly gay or am i gust a cros dreser?

Forgive me for being unfaithful

Forgive me for being unfaithful to you when I was away on a business trip six months ago. We went out for a drink in the evening, and things sort of snowballed. And without really noticing, because I?d had so much to drink, I found myself in a room with another girl that I knew. I have to confess and say that it was a lot of fun, it was different, and for the three days that I was there I kept on seeing her. I knew that when I returned home it would be all over and that it was just a passing fling that I could never tell you about. Forgive me for not the courage to tell you, but I still love you and I don?t want us to break up. Yours, A.

It hurts, but…

Three years. That?s how long it?s been since I moved here. Three years with a girl I am about to hurt very deeply. I hate myself for it, but I just… we aren?t compatable. We rarely talk, don?t do any of the same things. She expresses no real interest in me, though I try to find ways to connect. But she does love me, and takes care of me. There has been someone else, a friend for a long time that I have grown closer to. So come this spring, one day I will be here, the next, I simply won?t. I know it will hurt her. She?ll be devistated, and I don?t want that. It does not bring me pleasure to hurt her, but I can not bring myself to live another year of a sham of a relationship. I just can?t. God… forgive me, and take care of the wounded creature I will leave in my wake. I know no other way to bring closure to this. I never had a good example growing up, but I usually know right from wrong. Why now is it so hard to distinguish the lines? Either way I choose, someone is hurt. I just… I don?t know, right or wrong I think I have to choose for myself this time.

Kathy and Amy, I?m sorry

After two years I still feel I haven?t made it up to the two teachers I hurt so badly. I think about it every day and I wish I had never done it. I pray for your lives everyday. I am sure you will recognize my name if you see this, but Kathy and Amy, I will spend my life trying to make it up to you. Thank you! –Maggie M

im so bad please help god please

well it new year eve and im all alone my kids act they do not want me around an less they need something from me my son in law hates me my brother hates me im bad i do not know why i do the things i do i tell god i will not do it no more than i do it all over again i want to be loved and wanted im a 100 pound over weight i grandkids hate me or they act it most of the time i daughter ask me over her husband want me to stay home all alone i cry cry cuss and repect then all over again i do bad things i have got into trouble stealing i never did this before yil i hit 60 years old i repeat all the time even when i ask for god foreviness i do it again what wrong with me im so troubles some time i want to end my life but i do not want to go to hell but i may go there anyway because i just bet god mad at me because im so bad mad unhappy pick at things i cry all the time i hate my self because i use to be good pretty now im ugle fat mean and you name it i have done except i do not smoke nor do drugs my self god only knows how bad i am what can i do i think he is very mad at me help please help im all alone maybe god does not love me either it me not him im bad im sorry i want to be good but im a degrade to all my kids grandkis daughters and two son people tell me my family im bad they do not want me around my brothers hate me to please pray for me i want the newyear to change for me or let me go god bless all of you saralee