I’m sorry

I smoked weed and drunk alcohol . I am a liar and I like it. I stole in many shops. I have suicide and impure thoughts . I practised impure actions with many boys. I am a jealous and bad person.

Why – I have a problem.

Why did I do what I did. I have a problem. And the usual after effects. I have a hard and unfeeling heart. I can’t seem to truely repent. God help.

I don’t know what to say exactly

I have found this site and it is great, I feel this site helps others and myself. Today I was weak, I had evil thoughts, desires, and actions resulting in . Why I don’t know, I am going through some tough trials and am very angry. A lot of injustices are happening. I think I just acted out. God forgive me.

Making it right

I want to make things right with God, so here goes…. I know we are supposed to confess to our brothers and sisters our sins and to God. My sins are anger and hate, swearing, all types of  sins, accidental stealing, denying the faith, idleness, gossip, willful misconduct and disobedience to God and my beliefs etc.etc. I pray that God will accept my apologies and confession.

I don’t really care, so why do I do it.

Besides swearing, telling a fib to protect my stuff from jerks, I watched pand released. Honestly I don’t even care for p. Its so I is just the fact I think about doing it and then watch p. It is very sinful. Then you feel all guilty and stupid because you didn’t need to do anything. May God bless, save, and forgive me.. …us.

I try to stop, but I can’t

Since I was a teen I have had a problem with master…. I have tried to stop, but can’t. I have been single almost all my life and I endeavor not to so I can be obedient to God, but at the very best I can do is go and postpone it longer between times of release. I have never been able to overcome this. May God forgive and save me, and someday give me the strength to conquer or a spouse.

I wish I was more obediant

Today I was week again, like so many 1000 s of times before I watched — and did the deed. As a Christian this and other acts deny the faith, are idleand wicked acts. So I confess these and the following sins..I have said God’s name in vain, have been swearing, and am full of rage of bad things that I cannot control. Etc, etc.I ask God to come into my life and literally save and forgive me. I need a spiritual recharge.

Sinner from hell

I did the same sins that I previously confessed, they are about the same as most of you all. Can you guess which is mine.I am so weak, this time I really sinned severely willfully, I don’t know what is wrong with me. May God save us all..

I didn’t have to do it

I want to confess to God and the human family, that I am a sinner, my most recent sins are swearing, impatient acts, anger, gossip, watching porn, acting out immorality, etc,etc, etc, I ask all to pray for me… May God forgive me and wash me in the blood of the lamb for a remission of my sins. I now recommit my life and work to the Lord, and to the human family….thank you God for another chance. 9

she’ll never forgive me

I went and changed my life insurance policy and, while my kids and grankids will get something too, I left a chunk of it to my ex. I’m filled with regret over the way I treated her when we were together. I treated her horribly and I know there is not enough sorry in the world to fix all the bad things I did. I just hope this can let her know that I do regret my behavior towards her more than she’ll ever know. What I did was not right. I was a total fool and now she’s not in my life and never will be again. It’s the only thing I can think to do to offer something of real value for what I put her through. Even if she forgave me, I know there’s a lot I have to face up for. If she never forgave me, she’d be well within her right. I just want her to know in some way that I am sorry. She wants nothing to do with me anymore and I don’t blame her. But I do regret what I did. Even the things I can’t admit to.