I slept with my sister?s husband

Today after months of an affair with my brother in law, I decided to end it for good I am in love with him and it hurts so much to break it up but the guilt, pain and jealousy are tearing me to pieces, I know this relationship is bad he is using me for his own pleasure and I know I need to move on and find myself a person that loves me truly and that is free to love me too.


i?m only seventeen, but when i look ahead to my future, i can only see myself spending it with you. i?m in love with you.

things in my life

Have used my son?s money to live on until I got a job without paying him back the entire amount. Have had an affair, but ended it. Have hurt many people with my temper. Have not been a completely loving person all my life. I ask forgiveness for all my sins. I ask that I continue to evolve and become the beautiful person I know I AM.

i havent tell anyone!

Well a month ago i was at a party and i got really high and had sex with 10 guys WITH OUT PROTECTION!..I really dont know waht to do!!!!…But i got to say……SEX IS MY LIFE!

2nd place. sometimes last

i?ve had sex and been in relationships with men who were already involved with others. i?ve done sexual acts that i derived little or no pleasure from because i wanted to please others. yet, after the fact, these ??deviant?? acts seem to make up my sexual fantasy life.. thoughts and fantasies of being dominated and abused. and violated. the things i abhor are the same things that turn me on. i betrayed myself. many times over.


i wrote two checks without the money being available in my checking account. one check cleared, the other has not. money will be there tomorrow. however, the first check caused a total of three items to go over the limit, so i?ve incurred $105 worth of overdraft fees. this is not the first time. but i really really want it to be the last


i stole from my dad as a teen. i took clothes from my step mom?s drawer. i allowed a lover to smell my roommates panties while we were sex. more than once. i slept with him multiple times in his bed that belonged to him and his live in girlfriend. i looked through people?s diaries. i think about vioce. i feel jealous. my first lover spit on me, then coerced me into giving him a blow job. more than once.


I?ve never felt the way I do about anyone ever before. I love you with every inch of my body. You fill in the missing pieces and I want to be your wife. So why won?t you ask me to be?

lies and gossip

forgive me for always lying to coworkers, husband and forgive me for my gossiping please help me Thank you God and I love you


please forgive my affair and stop it. thank you