Rachel, damn cannuck

sorry for cumming on your plate before i put the steak i cooked you on it. glad you loved the taste though, sorry for almost laughing and never telling you the recipe.

i feel bad

it was a bad day today . i hate myself for talking with that man.

SL Ruined My Life

No…I let SL ruin my life. Everything was great until I logged on for the first time. Created my avatar. Saw an alternate reality. Problem is…that reality doesn?t really exist. And now I have lost my husband and my home and my life. It is totally my fault. I opened Pandora?s Box. Now I have to find a new reality. An actual one. I am terrified.


softness and beuty is helping me to act appropriate and be relax .

can?t let go

My husband betrayed me with somone he met online. The relationship was based on neediness and selfindulgence. I just can?t let it go. I know it was pathetic, but it impacts my daily thoughts. I want to get on with my life, but I just can?t let it go.


i fuck my self and i for some reason really hate my dad i can?t explain why,i just do. most of the time now i feel really alone and just want to comit suicide.i have alot of scarry and nasty uerges.oh and i become really frustrated when i can?t do anything right. i also get really horney at times.

Its not fun anymore…..

I got married last year in January. I thought it would be nice to have a child. So we had sex once or twice. I had beautiful twins Alessandra and Rosie. But we have been sex every single night. I am starting to hate it. But its just not fun anymore. Not at all.

i love?

i love people only because its the only thing i know. We raise our children to love others but why? reguardless of how i am treated i love everyone. it has become a numb obligation to me, a necessity. For this reason alone, im not sure i really know what love is.

condoms in the kitchen sink

So the guy I am dating?s little sister is my best friend. I?m always over at their house and if I?m not we are usually texting. One day I get this text from her saying that her mom found two condoms in the kitchen sink! I texted my boyfriend and asked him why in the world he would put them in the sink! Later that day when he went home his mom asked why he put them in the sink. He told her that he didn?t, that he put them in a coke bottle and put that in the garbage. She started laughing and said that she dumped the bottle out in the sink….


I am a 78 year old female and have met a wonderful man of same age. There can be no plan to marry for many reasons. We love each other very much and do feel a sexual attraction. My friend says if we have sex it is a mortal sin. I cannot believe at our ages and under these circumstances that it could be a sin. Please advise. thank you.