sub men ask me to be their domme. sometimes i say yes and other times no. the sub men i accept want to be very, very submissive. there are few women in the bdsm community. the women that are in the community are subs. a female domme is unusual so i am in demand. no one in my family knows i?m into kink. my friends don?t know either.


I am a user, mostly everyday, U have bought drugs,when I should have boughten something I really needed. I helped my friend smoke his car and cell phone and now I feel bad.,. I don?t think of the consequences later! Its at the time of that ugly wanting,the urge.. I plan on stopping and soon, I done it before and can do it again.. I am too beautiful too do what I do, why I do it ,Because for once

i need help!! i am a addict

i am so sorry for the things i am doing its just that i cannot stop. i am a drug addict and i have been for the last 2 years. i steal things from the people i love to get my drugs. im slowly killing myself but dont care enough about myself to quit. ive cheated on my boyfriend with 6 diffrent people,and i am so ashamed its just he cheated on me so i feel that i can do the same to him even though he had been faithful to me for awhile now. i love him alot and i dont know why im doing this to him and myself. i think its just that i dont completly trust him so i feel i can sleep around and possily find someone else before he cheats on my and breaks my heart.

im sorry

this has been happening for about 2 years now ive cheated on my boyfriend so many times,he knows of some and still loves me but i keep doing it i dont know whats wrong with me, i love him so much but i cannot tell him. i am so young still and messed up my life so bad and i cannot deal with it anymore. my boyfriend has cheated on me 2 times. ive even thought about suicide.

who am i

i try to be someone i am not because i hate the person i am every night i go to bed hoping i never wake up iknow my teenagers would be better off without me they tell me i am crazy and i think they are right

my true feelings for my daughte

i am hard on my 16 year old and not as nice as i should be because she reminds me so much of me and i hate myself and wish she could be anyone other than her mother. i do love her but most of the time i try hard to because i hate myself so much

I have sin

I masturbate all the time…I love it…sometimes I do it 3 or more times a day.


i say i love my sister, but it is not true. i don?t love her. i despise her. she is a complete and total bitch. all she does is take, take, take and take some more. i?m sick of being used and abused. i?m done. i no longer speak to her. i?m fed up with her selfish nature and abuse. i don?t have to take her crap just because she i my sister.

Emails to another

I have written evocative emails to a girl I met while traveling, all the while my girlfriend knows nothing.