i lied

I lied to my husband who is stationed in Iraq. It was so easy to go out at night with my friends and say that I was in studying. I did it only a few times, but that doesn?t matter, I still lied. He is working so hard out there and I am taking his love for granted. As long and he and God still love me, I can get better and always be honest and open with him.


I would to be forgiven for not loving only one person but 3. I have intermixingly had sex with 3 people this past November and two were on a semi-regular weekly basis. Non of these people know that I am not exclusive with only them. I justify my actions by saying to myself that we are not exclusive and so what they don?t know won?t and can?t hurt them, but it is killing me. I want intimate exclusive commited love, but I cannot have what I cannot give so I am potentially hurting everyone, and most of all myself.




I was raped and impregnated my freshman year of college. I miscarried. THis would have been my babies first christmas. I havent told my family. I miss my baby.

help me

Im strogling with porn and masturbation.

im pregnant at age 15

when i was to i started sex and i did it with any guy so i could feel loved. Then when i found that guy that i thought really loved me he got me pregnant and don?t want ne hting to do with me. I love him with all of my heart and not being with him and knowing no one cares makes me want to kill myself.


Deer god, im sorry for playing with my feces yesterday. i didn?t no it would make me unclean in yeour eyes.

viot thoughts…

God, I constantly imagine what it would be to kill those in my way. I have viot dreams and images that float through my head as I imagine the pain I could cause those that are against me and my friends. I know you are a God of justice but I feel you have been apathetic as to the events taking place in my community. I believe you should empower me to allow me to be your rod of punishment and anger. Forgive me for my viot thoughts and cleanse me of the thoughts of death I project onto those that are near me and causing me pain. forgive me.

i won?t miss my family

i have left forever, only stopping here to say i did it =) try?n?find me! belize, london, tokyo…where in the world am i?