regret friendship with ??Paul??

Dear God, I regret friendship with ??Paul?? this early year 2007.I became friends with him because he wanted to help me about seeing my son who I havent seen for about 6 yrs now.Turns out he scammed me a month later asking me to deposit a check for him into my own account.Turns out 5 days later,I found out the check was sto/forged.Now Im getting sued by my bank for $7100 I owe then.I pray he is caught soon and punish for his crime as I deeply regret becoming friends with him.


Dear God, Please forgive me as I admit I masterbate at night time when Im in bed.I admit watching porno movies and masterbating along sometime thinking of other womens.


I want to lick someone?s anus. A woman?s of course. My wife would never let me. She would be disgusted. Maybe I would be disgusted with myself.


I don?t anal sex but I do it to this girl to be mean to her. She s me and I can hardly stand her. I took an obscene photo of her showing her dimpled ass but not her face. I tossed a copy into the girl?s restroom and a couple other places around school. No one knows who it is but she is scared I?ll tell. Why am I this way?


22 yom….I don?t think it is bad to suck an anonymous cock. It is the emotional part that is sinful. Am I wrong?


43yof,I stay fit and am proud of my figure. I don?t dress provocatively. A teen in our congregation has taken an interest in me. He sits behind me in the pews and brushes against my breasts and rear end ever so slightly in the lobby. I could feel his erection against my rear one crowded morning and I couldn?t resist a quick peek. I feel terrible because I get a slight thrill from his misguided attention. I almost climaxed(which I have never done before)one evening with my husband while breifly thinking of this teen. Am I bad and sinful?

stealing car stereos in 1995

Please forgive me God for stealing car stereo?s from cars in 1995.It was that I was hanging out with wrong friends.Later,We got arrested and was taken to police station for questionins.I told the cops everything they wanted to know and they then took us home.After my court case,I turned my life around and stop hanging out with those peoples.Sorry for stealing car stereos as i know its a crime and a sin.

Stealing ??money?? from work

In 2005,I stole money from my temperory job service but taking advice from two of my friends.They told me to go to work and punch-in and go home.then go back to work when work hours start.I did this for 3-4months till I got caught.I was making $700/week when it shouldve been $300-400/week..I honestly was glad I got caught becuz it wouldve got worse and I know it was a crime.Later,both of my friends got fired too tho they were ??fulltime?? employess.One of them was named ??David?? who is also a Christian.He ask me if I narct on him and I denied it.Sorry David for telling you a lie.

letting ??Linda?? wire me money.

I met a girl online in 2001-2002 from chatroom.She is a Christian and a good person.Thought we might move in together.One day,I told her I would move in with her in Alaska if she wired me money and she did of ??$1000??.All I did was spent the money on something instead of moving to Alaska to be with her.Im so sorry to hurt her in this way.I shouldve never took the money and instead wired it back to her.Please forgive me ??Linda??..

Argueing with my mom so much

Im sorry for disagreeing/argueing with my mom so much God.She is paying all the rent by herself and me being lazy so much not finding any work,I feel so bad as what she is going thru.I just wish/pray I have a car someday so I can go back to work and repay my mom back.I love her so much as no one else does.Love you mom.