Wanting to change

I have lived a evil life. all kinds and lots of evil acts and behaviors. If you can think it, I probably have done it. To much evil done in the body and to others. So I ask all people everywhere to pray for me and forgive me. And especially God to totally forgive and save me. And to be allowed to serve him and others. Thank you. All….

A broken mariage

In the last years, whenever I felt rejected by my wife, I answered to her telling her of women who liked me because they had told me and I didn´t know. That caused in my wife a huge insecurity and distrust, so that finally she doesn´t want to be with me anymore. I feel destroyed for having been such a fool.

Addicted to p

I am addicted to p. And all related sins, many, many, other sins. I choose sin over God continuely. I can’t seeem to be truely repentant. I sincerely ask God and everyone to forgive me. May God bless, cleanse and pardon meb to start again. Thanks Jesus for the atonement…I will apply myself better.

if there is god ! listen to me someday

i dont know if there is god or hope ! i confess that i was sexually abused by my own relative when i was 13. i failed to retaliate as my mother was very ill and needed support from my relative?s family ! but i guess i paid the price for it never had the courage to admit as it hurt ! it hurts deep my father had an extra marital affair at the same moment and my mother was away ! i bear the consequence to keep their marriage intact i fear this anger and helplessness would kill me slowly and painfully i cant decide whether to forgive or punish the abuser ! i definitely feel castrating the guy but then i owe responsibilities to my family ! best part is i felt i m strong enough but i cry at times they say god is watching ! god controls everything but i wana him to just listen to me once ! or hold my hand i m quite dead already ! and if god is watching – why this sice i can fight and i would die trying but then god – some fine day u have to answer…


God I ask for your forgiveness, I cheated on my wife, and I feel very guilty,I can?t sleep I don?t want to loose her. I love her , please forgive me god

Evil deeds done in the body

I am a sinner you know. I sin in my mind and body. I drink, have taken drugs in my past, I commit sexual sins of a personal nature often, I lie stc along that line, I swear, take gods name in vain sometimes and lots and lots of other sins…then list just goes on and on. I always sin in my mind first and then act out. I can go to hell for the way I have and do live. Soniwant to say sorry to God for all my sins and ask for help, patience and grace. I can?t change on my own strength. God please come to my aid and save me. Thank you….


I am glad I found this site so I can confess to my brothers and sisters the bible says. In my past and some recent past I done a lot of wickedness. I have sto. lied. gossiped. swore. broken promises. done drugs and alcohol. had very evil thoughts. lusted. acted out on anger, agendas, and selfishness.a great number of sins of commission and omission. said Gods name in vain, viewed p etc. and acted out repeatedly sexually. I pray God will forgive me! for these and all of the sins I ever committed that I have forgotten about. We all need God and his Grace in our lives….

uh oh!

recently I had a fling w/ a women who said she was divorced and and wasn?t. I originally shut down the relationship when I found out-I don?t want to have an affair, but got back into it one night. All we did was kiss, since then I shut down everything and no longer see this women. Also in my past I have been sexually impure, had evil thoughts and emotions, sto drugs and money, been angry and resentful and unforgiving ETC. I have said bad words and took Gods name in vain. Plus a lot of other major and minor sins. I am trying to repent. May God forgive and Cleanse me.

lack of controll

on top of the sins I recently confessed, I masterbated. God please forgive me, I haven;t grown beyond this.


Yes I am homeless trying take care of a elderly mother who is nuts. I have sto to survive. Especially medicines. I also struggle with (personal) sexualimmoralty……… I some times stay at a motel where there is drug dealers and Prostitutes. I haven?t done anything with any of them, but I am tempted by the prostitutes. It?s been years since I?ve been laid. I know this is all wrong. I need Gods help and Forgiveness. And a Home!