i need to

confess to every one that i stole drugs and masterbated. I wish i could stop. God forgive me please!

needed too

I want to confess that today I stole drugs (not illegal! ones !!) out of desperation and need. I know it was wrong but I don?t know what to do. Jesus and God Forgive me, I will not try to steal any more meds ETC>

double mindedness

I am a double minded person who is idle, a hypocrate, lier and traitor to myself and to God how can i ever be forgivin for the things i do???

good friday

I need to confess to GOD and the world that i have a problem w/ drugs, stealing and immorality. I want to change and do better. I need to do a better job at self examination of my sins and the time I waste. Today is the day that our Savior sacrificed himself on the cross for ALL my sins and everyone who might be reading this confession at this time, if you have received him and is a believer. I know I need to be better at believeing myself especially at this time of my life. GOD, especially Jesus Christ Thank You for suffering on the cross at calvary for mine (and everybody) , Thank You for your SACRIFICE and DEATH to save US ALL! I am so sorry for being so weak, constantly chooseing my way or the wrong way, Thank you Again! I?m sorry again for all my many sins, please forgive me and wash me clean in your Blood. I choose to return to you NOW!..please help me when i fall, to get back up again and turn to you, so I can be what you want me to be. In the name of MESSIAH;Amen.

not so nice

Lately I have done some terrible things. I have sto , got some pay back on an enemy who has done great financial ETC. harm to me, lots of lying, and to day I was sexually impure in mind, action, and deed. I know everything I have done lately was wrong and I feel I have been out of control angry. So I want to say sorry to others, even to myself for being so small, and especially to GOD for my evil behavior. I need a forgiveing and understanding God. I need to be renewed this morning.


i jacked off yesterday. i know it was wrong.

the same

my recent confession about immorality and stealing meds, still stands!….i?m still trying to deal with these.

no clue

I want say sorry to GOD and to my body a TEMPLE of the HOLY SPIRIT for all my sexual sins. Even the ones I did today. I will try to do better.

didn?t quite make it

i?m been doing a ??little? better dealing with sins lately, but, i can?t abstain from my s urges…i can sometimes hold it back or postpone my release, but i always sin in the end. i?m trying do better on not placing (bad) seed thoughts that lead to sin in my mind too. however i felt i had to release myself sexually last night (alone). it?s quite shameful and embarrassing, but it is true. Sorry God and to all.

i?ll take a turn to confess too

it looks i pretty much have the same main sins as most. of course i have my daily sins such as swearing etc everybody..but i would say my greatest of all my sins would be the thoughts i entertain. they lead to other sins all the time such as sexual-thoughts go to p then goes to sexual-acts etc. i?m guilty of this, the occassional lie, and other sins. i really needed to get that off my chest. plus i thought i would try to start a better relationship with God. so God if you are out there today forgive me and reach out to me, i will reach back too. your child