i?m messed up

yesterday was my 11th year anniversary of being divorced. i?m still single, i?m kind of picky because except when i screw up i try to live a moral life. well yesterday i failed….i watched p and released myself. i did it knowing it was wrong, i have no excuse! i just want to say sorry to God and to everyone. what i did was on purpose, i made the wrong choice. i hope you will make better choices than i have.

robin hood

I stole again today! to provide for the future out of fear, and desperation. i don?t doing this, but i am to scared and weak. May God understand and forgive me, and hopefully provide ??with the help of my efforts?..more abundantly for me. i want to turn away and leave this life of sin i despise doing. this is my true heart-felt confession for all to read. May God help and forgive us all our trespasses.


I don?t know what to say. I have made some stupid and bad choices in my life I regret, I am ashamed of , I?m embarrassed of, and have paid the price for, and that were sinful. I cant seem to change some of my habits. I know God isn?t pleased with me. Sorry.

doing drugs can make you a dumbass

That?s right doing drugs can make you a dumbass! I have ruined my life by doing drugs, I have lost almost everything includeing almost losing my life to withdrawl. I am still suffering, not as much as before but still do the desperate things an addict does to get drugs. It also for me leads to immorality and other sins. I?ve done grieveous things in the past to get drugs out of fear of withdrawl. So I confess that I still have a problem with drugs and other sins, many sins, and that my addiction is a disease. I?m asking GOD to get me thru this and to make me clean and renewed again. Taking one day at a time God, Thanks

to get it off my chest

I to want to take responsibility and report my sins in the confessional. I am not sure where to start. I t looks every body pretty much commits all the same sins as the next person some time in thier life, I am no exception. I have done terrible things and still sin greatly to this day. I want to clear myself with my God and the body of believers today. I admit that I fall short as a person that God wants me to be-I am currupted by the world and my selfishness. I have trouble w/ drugs, stealing them, lying, worldly sexual living sometimes, being lazy, sometimes drinking to excess, being unwise, doing harmful things to myself and others and ??plain ol?disobeying Gods instructions he has given us to live by.?? I have alot more sins I commit daily (my weaknesses) that I wont be typing today but I do them… and I ask God in Hope, Faith, and w/good intent to grow beyond my sins w/his help. God I ask Humbly that you- accept my confession to you and the fellow believers and to with your Grace , Forgive me and let the atonement of your son Jesus Christ and his Blood wash me from ALL iniquity and Uncleaness. Thank You, Thank You too Jesus for your suffering and your sacrifice for myself and ALL who call upon you. Please Bless us all and help to live more pure lives for you.

can i say something

i have been checking out this site off and on for a while and thought i would do what is right and make a confession to God and man. i have problems with the same sins as most people especially males. i really need to clear my mind and heart. i sin just everybody, but my sin affects me the most, especially my soul and where i am going after this life. i have a long list of sins but i am inspired to focus on these, i have been and still do drink, use drugs, watch p, am sexually active, have sto, taken Gods name in vain (Huge sin by the Way), waste my time and all other sins we all commit. i would to tell God that i would to change, but to be honest i fall back into sin too easily and really don?t change as fast or as well as i always hope to. i ask simply for Gods understanding and patience. i ask God to forgive me and Save me this day. And i ask Jesus to be my Lord and Savior today and to wash me in his Blood and make me again part of his family. i also would to thank God for his Blessings and kindness even when i?m not living for him.

I want Gods presence too!

The confession ?? I want Gods presence back in my life?? I just read read really covers my confession, almost perfectly. Except when I sin I totally do it on purpose, even on church days. I know I deserve punishment, and ??Boy!!?? do I get it!!! But I want to restart up my life. In all honesty, I don?t really feel truely repentant I don?t know why! I wish I could feel different sometimes, not so hardened. In addition to the before mentioned confession, I have problems with p,  and stealing drugs. God Help!!!! forgiveness to start my life over would be appreciated too!

wanting Gods Presence back in My life

Yes, I am a work in progress, and I want Gods presence back more fully in my life! I am aware of his tender mercies and patience for me so I thought I would confess some of my more major sins I have struggled with in the past and a few I still have not over come yet. I want to do what the scriptures say…??confess your sins to God and one another…/…..(God)-Says..?? Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you??. These are my biggest sins and some (at least for now I have overcome-??Thank the Lord??) I have drank to excess, done drugs, stole, been sexually and morally unclean, idle, evil in thought-word and deed, taken Gods name in vain, watched p, been slack in my duties, broken promises etc., lied to people, and myself,..been angry, contentious, unforgiving, and a ??Host?? of other sins. I ask God to forgive me of all my sins and to cleans me from ALL unrighteousness…as I yield more of my life to him…Thank You GOD!!!

no title

i want to confess to God and say sorry for all my sins especislly evil thoughts, p, masterbation and stealing. Sorry God Please forgive me of this and all other of my sins,…Including taking your name in vain.


I d what was said in the confession titled ??I Know Better.??… That would express the feelings and intents of my confession perfectly. I have almost the same exact feelings, sins and issues. May God accept this confession as well. I need forgiveness as well, and new life in God, I know this is not the best confession, but it is sincere!