did bad

Sorry God and Jesus, i chose to jack off today, i know it was bad, i wish i could stop. sorry again , please forgive me. please come into my life in a good way today.

Swear Words -God what will be with me.

I sinned! i said lots of bad words and..  . Sorry God! ETC.

What Does the Bible Say About Swear Words?

God what will be with me. God please be with me all the time


Bless me for I have sinned: I?m sorry for saying a bad word. I?m sorry for lying.

saring our faults one w/ another

it is my understanding that we are to share our sins one w/ another. well i?ll try- i do sin a lot. that is for sure. i say Gods name in vain to often.. i commit sexual sins.. bad language is my biggest weakness..take things from others..could be more honest..could try harder at being a better person..could have a better attitude about God and my faith..need to be more caring and patient../ i have far more sins..??Far to many more sins??..and i need to do more to improve myself for God..to others..and for myself. May Gods abundant mercy and forgiveness..love..wiping out of all sin..restoring and redeeming power be placed over me and my life. thank you Jesus..??sorry for all my sins and bad decisions??

broken life

I have continued to sin:…. I have been sexually impure, sto drugs, and though I don?t want to ….I probably will get meds again by theft. I truely don?t want to!!!!….. but sometimes you are need. I?m NOT hooked on narcotics or anything illegal!. just something to keep me alive. I am trying to overcome my problems. I;m putting my trust in GOD! May GOD help me and forgive and cleanse me! as we work together to fix my broken life!!

little confession

after a full day of church and prayer, i still went and stole stuff..(out of desperation, need, and fear.) I lied too! God save me! and forgive me! I don;t want to do these things but am in desperation mode! I need you God to help me, understand and be extreemly patient with me. thanks for all your past patience and present..thanks for everything else you do and have done for me! please have ??mercy and compassion on me …I need you!!!

i sinned

i admit that i am not as repentant as i would ; i am still battleing needs vs. provision and the flesh. i commit way to many sins but the baddest of my latest sins are these. stealing meds-i don?t want to but i can?t function w/o them. masterbation-i can only hold it back for so long, i really need a spouse!. i hope for Gods cleansing and forgiveness of me, and for his grace, understanding, and compassion. i really wish i could do better. i really want to live for him and others but i am so messed up! God help me! please!! a donation of prayers in my behalf are welcomed and appreciated. Thank You…

angry and more

as I type this confession, I am not yet reconciled completely w/god and my heart. i am not going to go into detail, ??for god knows anyway??, but just to list off my sins I saw in the other peoples confessions I have read. for one, I am still angry, resentful, betrayed etc. ( I am not reconciled) I have gotten some revenge lately and still feel that this enemy of mine still needs to be punished, this person is a very-very bad individual, always starting wars and causing problems and contentions, ??I have had enough!?? I have recently stole some stuff, been sexually impure, say lots of bad words, and had bad thoughts and actions especially lately. wasted some time lately etc .

no clue ????

I need to get this off my chest. I suck at following God, I suck at obeying, my life SUCKS anyway. I am trapped in a ongoing stagnet terrible situation I can?t get out of. Any way on to my sins…they are-saying Gods name in vain, bad words, bad-evil-sexual thoughts, masturbation, not always being kind, and some times wasting my time. I would to obey God better, but I feel he has forsaken me!….if I could ever feel his love and if he could help me in my situation, I think it would motivate me to obey and be better out of love and desire instead of just to obey the rules. God if you?re out there; come into my life and save me, not only my soul, but be delivered out of my situation, a situation I can?t change or outlast (I have no power to affect). . I ask for forgiveness, newness, washing away of sins and impurity, and to be a new person in God. But I need you God to show up, or I will just keep sinning out of despair and unmet needs. -end-

what! and waste perfectly good sins!!!

No! i actually i don?t mean that title…But i thought it would grab somebodies attention…Actually sin is a waste-for every one. (and there souls!).The sins i?m wasted on are these; evil thoughts, evil acts, swearing, lieing, impatience, resentment, unforgiveness, anger, theft, and sexual-sins, ETC sins in my thoughts, words, deeds, and non-deeds. May God forgive, restore, and cleanse me and forgive me. And by his Grace recieve me again to walk w/him and to be the person he wants me to be…Thank You – HOLY TRINITY! and especially for the shed ??Blood of Jesus Christ!??—-I plead the BLOOD!!!!!!