commitment to sin

At this time I would to confess my intent to sin. I put it into my mind that I was going to sin, and I did a ??sexual?? sin. I chose death over life-a bad decision. I hope God can cleanse me and forgive me. I hope he will draw near to me as I draw near to him now. I just don?t know!


I know according to the scriptures we are to confess our sins to one another. so here goes. I have my normal sins daily, but my big and shameful sins are these = disobediance to God, swearing, anger, idess, theft, unclean thoughts, and sexual self gratification. May God forgive me and cleanse me.

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I confess that since being a teenager till now I?ve been sexually impure w/myself , been a thief , been unforgiveing, and a whole lot more in my life of sin. I now wish, if possible to change, and turn around my life. maybe God might help me???


I am so pissed off! I am so damn angry at idiot family members and user and abuser neighbors that take advantage, Curse them to ??Death and Darkness!!??…..I thought this new site might be a good idea to use to vent my feelings and cool down. You know there really are a bunch of dumb asses out there, to many!!! I hope what they put out comes back on them….??Hopefully with something sharp??…. -Amen-

I found you

I?m very glad to have come along and find this site, so far as I can tell its the best one! of the confession sites I have found. I would to say that everyone else in the world I?m a sinner too. I struggle with all the sins. I would to share my greatest sin….I watch p a lot, I also masterbate a lot. That?s on top of all my other sins. I don?t feel right about it…it is wrong…I use it as an escape and reward. I?m a maees of a man… May the most Holy Trinity save me from my sins and be patient with me as I (hope) to do better. May God forgive me my sins and save my soul from Hell!


yesterday i stole a pain pill from my mom. and i?m mad at my dumb neighbor for taking advantage of my work i do.

no idea

I?ve been reading some of the confessions and discovered leaving a list of sins I?ve done would be the best. And then move forward to fix my spirit – sin – nature with Gods help. Here goes! I sin a lot! Way more than I should!..I do swear, I have sto, watched sexualmovies, jacked off repeatedly, lied, been dishonest, emotionally unstable, not always controlling my emotions and actions I should, I have to sinned…knowing it was wrong and choosing to do it because I wanted too for my wants or personal gratification, I need to discipline my mind to counter sin as well, I have so many sins I cant possibly list .. I have done,.. but probably the biggest sin I?m ashamed of right now is knowing that I have willfully sinned against GOD right after I know I have received forgiveness and a new start. I screw this up way the heck too often. Good one day evil the next. I plan on praying, fasting and reading a lot of scriptures or spiritual books to strengthen and reinforce me resolve to do better. I would ask any body who might read this to pray for me as well as I will be praying for others who combat sin and self. May GOD wash us all in the ??BLOOD?? of CHRIST to cleanse us all from sin and forgive us that we may glorify him who saved us and serve with diligence our fellow man with the ??Good News?? and works of kindness.

simple confession

I checked out this site, and I thought I would leave a confession. Before I go and see my Priest I want to confess these sins I have committed in the last week. I am sorry to say I have not grown spiritually I should or have followed the Christian path that our Lord laid out. I am a person although reads the Bible absolutely every day that has a real swearing problem, I have sworn a sailor non stop since I was a young child and has never stopped. I have been sexuallyimpure twice in the last week in my thoughts and actions. I stole some things I really needed – I hated to do it , I know it was wrong but I?ve been mostly jobless for the last 5 years and am in desperation mode. I will try to make it up. I also was attacked for no reason this weekend and retailiated. for my defense, tactics and revenge. I have normal everyday minor sins that are in the thoughts, actions, and non actions I do daily and I don?t always say or do the kindest things depending on my mood and patience. May God bare with and help me.

sins of the past

First of all I thank God for his patience and forgiveness. I thought I would list all the sins I have been forgiven for as a testimony to Gods Faithfullness. In the past I have lied, sto, took Gods name in vain, swore, broke promises, got revenge, was unkind, impatient, angry, mean spirited, set up others, had evil thoughts, was sexually impure, dishonest, addicted to drugs, followed an evil path, manipulated others, a lot of other sins I know I?m forgetting. God – now with all my recent sins of omission and commission,..I ask for forgiveness and cleansing……I hope I can continue to walk the path that serves you and others with a clean slate. Thank you again GOD!!!

I sinned

Yes I sinned. I sin everyday. Today I really sinned. On top of my usual daily sins swearing and bad thoughts, I watched p and jacked off! For me this is one of the worst of my sins. I offer up to GOD my apologies and ask him to take me back! Thank You God.