you are forgiven

You are a wonderful lady that loves Jesus. I know you have done the best you can do thru all the years of life that have passed. It is good that you kept a pure heart, don?t ever lose it. Keep going just as you are sweet and nice. Its Ok to dissappoint others and be honest with them. You are very capable of running your own life. Please know it is ok and you don?t need to blame yourself anymore. Love you.

A thousand pardons

Forgive me for not being there when I should have Forgive me for not listening For not giving it another chance And for not loving enough and that?s how it ended

broke up

Forgive me for the way we broke up Forgive me for the way we broke up Forgive me for not saying why. Forgive me for being frightened of commitment. Forgive me for not the courage to tell you I was afraid. Forgive me for what I did.

couplehood forgiveness

Forgive me for all the opportunities for couplehood relationships that I had and rejected due to barriers, fears, superstitions and all the other idle and insignificant deliberations. I ask for forgiveness and I feel that I?ve missed out, big time.

Forgive me for the things

Forgive me for the things I said to you, forgive me for all the unnecessary anger Forgive me for my behavior. I ask you to forgive me.

relationship with married man

For a relationship that I had 20 years ago with a married man. Forgive me for what we had and will never have again?

amazing young woman

Forgive me, amazing young woman Forgive me from leaving you that. It?s all my fault. I couldn?t bear the honesty, the genuineness and the intensity of your feelings. I wasn?t mature enough and, needless to say, I didn?t deserve a girl you. I?m sorry that we didn?t sit and talk things over, because then I might have told you that all I need is a little personal space and maybe we?d still be together. I hope you didn?t take it personally because you really are an amazing young woman? So from a distance of three years and around 2,000 kilometers I am asking you to forgive me.

for last night

Forgive me? Forgive me for last night. Forgive me for not paying any attention to you in spite of all your efforts to make the evening a success. My insensitivity was inappropriate and therefore I am asking you to forgive me. I hoe you will forgive me and that we?ll have other happy and enjoyable evenings.

spreading incorrect rumors

Forgive me for spreading incorrect rumors about you. Today, as the years have passed, I am still carrying regrets from our schooldays in my heart. Forgive me, Shani, for not considering your feelings and for caring only about myself. It was more important for me To feel good about myself and to lie.

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