Forgive me for …

Forgive me for being contemptuous during the holiday Forgive me for treating you with contempt in front of your parents and for not thinking before I spoke. I ask you to forgive me for my inconsiderate actions during the holiday and before that. From your husband with love

not strong enough

Forgive me for not been strong enough to tell you that I don?t love you anymore. Forgive me for prolonging things and making the situation intolerable. Forgive me for falling in love with your best friend Shira and lying to you when I said that I hadn?t. Ten years have passed since then and I am divorced and confused. And you still bear the scar in your heart.

Forgive me for suspecting you.

Forgive me for not trusting you. I was certain that all that work of yours and all those late hours were nothing but an excuse.

A thousand pardons

Forgive me for not being there when I should have Forgive me for not listening For not giving it another chance And for not loving enough and that?s how it ended

broke up

Forgive me for the way we broke up Forgive me for the way we broke up Forgive me for not saying why. Forgive me for being frightened of commitment. Forgive me for not the courage to tell you I was afraid. Forgive me for what I did.

couplehood forgiveness

Forgive me for all the opportunities for couplehood relationships that I had and rejected due to barriers, fears, superstitions and all the other idle and insignificant deliberations. I ask for forgiveness and I feel that I?ve missed out, big time.

Forgive me for the things

Forgive me for the things I said to you, forgive me for all the unnecessary anger Forgive me for my behavior. I ask you to forgive me.

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