Sorry my wife I made a mistake

I made a mistake and I regret it every passing day.
You gave me a lot in the last 5 years,
We lived together and raised charming children.
We went through many things together for better or for worse,
Many experiences that will remind for ever,
And despite all this I felt that you were not with me so I got up and left.
Today I understand how much I hurt you.
I hope you will forgive me one day.

Sorry my wife I made a mistake
Father of your children,
And your ex-husband

Sorry, my ex-girlfriend

My ex-girlfriend,
I know you still hate me and I’m still a shit man for you, but I want to tell you something.

Once we was together, I felt for the first time in my life what is love.
You were the first in my life.
I went out with you because I wanted to feel what love really was.
It’s the most charming thing that can happen.
I loved you more than anything else, I did not care what others thought and said about you.

What broke our relationship… little things you did
time, trust, and … you can never forgive me.

Sorry, my ex-girlfriend

Sorry for my divorce

Sorry for my divorce
I will never forget you! You have a huge place in my heart.
I still hurt our separation and hope you forgive me for my stupidity and my recklessness I know I give up and I didn’t fight with all my heart. I ask forgiveness from you and from God for my stupidity and my mistakes, Heavy and painful, I barely picked up the pieces.
You’ve already pulled on continue with your life.
We both lost and we could have been happy. Am I miserable today and you?
I still love you
I still love you
I still love you

My Soul

My Soul
Only today I understand what you are going through.
I apologize that I was so inconsiderate, unattractive.
You tried to explain to me to tell about your coping and I was so busy with myself!
You know what’s strange about all the characters in you I’m in love I just love you all, the whole gamut of characters !!!!! I wonder if it’s like that for you?
Sorry for all my insensitivity and lack of understanding and wish and in all directions you want to build our relationship, because we went up and down and we still loved So accompany your love to me as real as mine to you love you a real prince!

If you will asked, I would do anything for you

Years I walked with a heart filled with feelings and love
I looked for a man I could give him Whatever he wanted.
To feed him, to desire him,
Let me take him on a journey of life
Let’s be together until the end.
Let me give him his freedom and he’s mine
Everything that life can offer.
And then I found you ….
I was so excited and began my journey
To everything I’ve always wanted
And it was perfect.
You were like my shadow every minute
And I no longer needed the freedom I loved so much
I wanted to be trapped inside you until my last day.
So you went …..
Sorry for not letting anyone else penetrate my heart anymore
And do not come near me.
If not you, I will not give to anyone else.

Sorry – I met the most amazing person

I’m sorry I hurt you. Five years ago, I met the amazing person.

You taught me so much about life, about myself, and other things. I did not stop loving you for a moment and always compared every guy I went out with to you.

I want to say sorry for the dramas and nonsense. For betraying and hurting and wanting to be with others.

Sorry for giving me your heart on a silver platter and I dropped it on the floor and kicked it. I’m sorry that when you were willing to give me a chance, despite everything, I did not agree.

I hope I did not spoil you and find the one who will do you good. Hope you have a perfect future.

I’ll always remember you. I love you.

Finally I can say that. I never stopped loving you dear.

Be awesome! Thank you for every moment you gave me. I hope I will see you in my life.

blindness -For the first time I heard another.

For the first time I heard another.
The fact that you were lost in a cage of gold and blindfolded
Does not give you the right to condition the concern
And my caring in time and place.
Emotion is unconditional!
On the day that the curtain is removed from your eyes, you will be ashamed of the manner in which you were driving
Who really cares about you.
You hurt, good bye

with all my heart

with all my heart
I am very sorry, during the year if I hurt and I was sure that I hurt, that I was insulted, that I said inappropriate words in anger, which I did not always appreciate. You’re a gold person with a big heart! Let me know that I do not mean everything I say. And I always appreciate you deeply, even if sometimes the right words do not come out. Sorry.
With God’s help this year I will try less to be angry, to say more good words, to give more encouragement and to try.
Love you!

Sorry I hurt myself

Of all the people I hurt, I always knew how to ask forgiveness. No matter what I am, I always say sorry!
I’m sorry I hurt my best friend I kept children away from me
I made people feel weak
I was angry I got down and cried for people
I’m sorry I forgot about my family and I was just interested in my friends And
I’m sorry I did not believe my boyfriend And I thought he did not really love But most of all I could say sorry only to myself I did not apologize and hurt myself so many times!
I hurt myself without noticing, every day crying treading on myself descends on myself Although best to help others but suddenly to myself
I am the worst person in the world I reduced myself to the security
I trampled on the nature and beauty I pissed!
I was a strong girl with confidence and I was pretty thin and suddenly everything was destroyed and it sucks but in general every time I said that I did not ask forgiveness from myself and I want most to ask forgiveness from myself for every time I made myself feel bad and bring myself to a state of will to death!
I love myself most in the world and I do not want to change.
I want to return to this jubilee always smiling and always happy and returning to routine and in addition to this great forgiveness
I want to ask forgiveness from God for every time I made mistakes and did unpleasant things with every time I spoke disgusting and did not respect another about Every time I behaved in modesty and especially ask forgiveness for the fact that sometimes I thought he was not the best I will be faithful to him and my country and I hope there will be peace I want to ask forgiveness from the simplest of all this world for every little thing I did and my time came to an end and my change is going from girl to mature girl And from here just get up and improve
So to the end and in one tiny word ..

My god

Sorry, from the bottom of my heart I express remorse.
That I can not stand up to your experience, sometimes gives up in advance, that despite all the good I have, I choose, sorry.
Sorry I do not use the tools you gave me as I was supposed to, sorry I feel low and humiliate myself in front of me.
I apologize to all the people around me who I do not see needing my help.
Sorry if I do not know how to ask for your forgiveness ..

Adopt me for you, and show me the truth that is good to me.

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