I apologize my wife

Sorry my wife …
I’m sorry I’m angry, sorry I’m frustrated, sorry I’m not taking my hands and dealing with life, sorry I choose to blame you I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’m stubborn, sorry a million times for all the things I do not have how to describe in words, sorry,
I hope God will forgive me and help me To be better, more efficient, more loving, more supportive, stronger,
forgive me a pure soul that I am so fucked I no longer have the strength

You were like a strong tree

The fact that you lied to me
Crushed my heart.
The rock you threw at me hit and turned me off.
Every flame that has burned in me to this day
She was gone.

You were like a strong tree
Protective and enveloping
And at that moment she felt vulnerable and weak
At the sight of the stormy winds.

I wish you would not lie to me
I wish you would come and tell,
I would certainly have withdrawn
But I would be happy for you.
I wish you were not lying …

Did this happen to you too?

Have you ever felt your heart crack?
The heart shatters shrapnel when your beloved goes to another
Did you also give your heart aching and you asked to leave, to stop loving?
Do their pain and come to terms with the appearance
His without you after you believed him when he said
Again and again
For ever,
That may be special
That this time is forever.
Were you also imprisoned in a prison?
The hope that he might return
And extinguished your heart for a new love?
How do you get out of this captivity?

I do not know why it happened

I do not know why it happened but it happened
We knew only two months but the flames of love burned…
I promised you things and I can not keep them anymore
I do not forgive myself for probably being a friend of my life and now I have to find another love to fill your absence
You wanted me so much and I did not let it happen.
Fear led me and finally I broke down
All I had to do was to forgive myself and restore my life.
I hope you are all right and you will have a joyfully happy life.

Confession is good for the soul

I have a confession to make.
I have never done this before.
I have been selfish and not given to our marriage.
I beg you to forgive me and believe that I want to change.
I know I did not always tell the truth and I was not faithful.
But today I understand the meaning of love and i want to be only with you forever.

Now I am waiting for your reply
I will always love you and be the friend you want me to be.

Im so sorry

Ive told you only in letter form and in passing while you were yelling. I cant forgive myself and i never will. Everyday is a struggle without you. I am so sorry. I get sick to my stomach just thinking about this situation. I love you and hope, wish, pray for you and to have you back. Nothing will be half as good. A big part of me died, its been hard. Ive had bad thoughts and time is not healing anything. Ill never forgive myself, i dont expect you to and understand. I love you and want the best for you, i want to make that happen but ive done this to myself. Youre perfect, i love you

You don’t choose your family

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.
Take advantage of the gift you received and enjoy.
There is no greater gift than a family.
Now it all depends on your choice and what you would like to do with the gift you received.

I hurt my

I hurt the love of my life of 22 years with my ugly words. I called him terrible things with intent to make him feel absolutely horrible and it was so bad that he could only see hatred dripping from my presence. I am so disgusted in myself and i know a apology would not ever suffice because it is impossable to unring a bell. Please god shelter our love as you always have and please know how sorry I am.

Thanks god ! I love you ! You’re awesome:D

I love her the most. I’d keep her happy until my last breath, I’d give my life for her. She’s an amazing woman and I’m sorry for all the times I’ve hurt her. And I apologise for few other mistakes. I promise to make this earth a better place to live. We’ll love and get married and keep everyone around us happy. I promise !

My true desire

A relation in which we are free to express our thoughts and feelings, and in which we take meaningful part of each other’s life, and that is all perfectly known, visible and acceptable to both sides.

That which I did not want to admit, for reasons not worth mentioning anymore.
I just wish to be with you.

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