mi vida

Hola me confieso o no se la verdad me arrepiento de la persona que soy tengo 21 años soy mujer, me enamore un hombre que no me corresponde, no me he organizado económicamente, trato siempre de complacer a los demás y no me valoro yo misma la verdad no me siento digna ante Dios y ante lo demás,he hecho cosas por ayudar y me empeoro yo misma y no he tenido buena relacion familiar

Is it too late now to say sorry?

Dear You,

I am sorry for everything, I’m sorry for being impatient, I’m sorry for being annoying, I’m sorry for even existing in your life, I guess I’ve contributed to your pain, I didn’t even help, I always insisted that I can help that I won’t give up, and that I won’t leave you, I’m sorry for not keeping my promises. I never intended to leave but you push me away, and I did respect your decision. I didn’t bother you anymore cause I don’t want to freak you out. The truth is I got hurt by what you did, but I didn’t hate you for that. I guess I deserved to be eliminated in your life cause I did contribute to your sadness, I did want you to change cause you are so pessimistic and you are slowly killing yourself by consuming drugs and smoking a lot. You didn’t know that I am hurting when you are hurting yourself and I can’t help or do anything about it. I care about you, Idon’t want you to commit suicide. I love you, I’m just confused with my feelings before cause it is new to me, I never know what love is until you’ve entered my life even for a short period of time, I didn’t expect it to happen, I didn’t choose to love you, It’s just what I’ve felt. I will always pray for you. You’re the thought that consumes my mind, and it makes me sad cause I wasn’t able to help you. I just want you to live, enjoy your life, and be happy. Even if that happiness doesn’t involve me, I shall pray that it will be given to you. I love you. I always will.

Love MS

I am sorry that we are not well off

Forgive me for not being well off I ask forgiveness from myself for the fact that we are not well off. Forgive me that we did not manage to sell the company for $300 million. Forgive me for the fact that you can only be well off on television. Forgive me or, perhaps, thank you, for the fact that we have smaller problems than our well-off friends who fear for their money and get divorced as soon as they open their eyes.

I love you

Thanks for being with me all these time. And for trying to be a better person for me, each day. I promisse you that I?ll be a better person for you too.

I love still love you

I have a feeling you need me right now I still love you because I can feel you when you hurt I miss the soul out of you I?m sorry for everything that hurt you I love you and I always will. I melt everytime you look at me that way it never fails I just lay and stare I don?t know how you do it I love the way i lose it the closer you get the more my body aches one little stare from you is all it takes.

please u must 4 give me

please forgive my past behavior and ulginess in the way I had talk to u on matters. that were important to me in our relationship.

Thank you for your help

Thank you for your help at work. Thank you Amanda, for your help in getting the job done. Without you I would never have submitted it on time. What you did was an act of true friendship

Im Sorry I never meant to Hurt You

I never meant to Hurt You and I understand that You dont want me right now- But i wanna wait on you- because i love you. and I really really hope that You love me too. and Im gunna leave you alone and not bother You- But You know where to call If you need n e thing.

my faith

i am so sorry that i have not shared my faith with you. i am a christian

bad girlfriend

Please forgive me for being a terrible girlfriend and doing things to disappoint you. My heart is pure and I love you. I just do stupid things when I drink. those phone calls dont mean anything. as much as you think they do.

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