I forgive you.

I forgive you for lying. I forgive you for being mean. You have my forgiveness. I can?t wait ?til I get yours.


all I have to offer is love and forgiveness, what about you? ps 69:20

Forgive me please.

I know i have asked you for alot of chances. I know you have given me alot of chance. please forgive me. and please give me one last chance to get things right. Please give me a month to show you that i can fix my issues. I have done alot of reading on the internet because i didn?t know what was wrong with me. But i really think we could get it right with one last chance. I told you i would do anything for you. I still have faith in this relationship. I?m finally starting to better myself. I got the dermatologist appointment set, I started couses at home. Like I said I know you have given me alot of chances. But I know if you give me this LAST chance I can get it right. I don?t want anyone else but you. I know you are the one I am meant to be with. And I will do anything that i can to hold on to you. I promise with every little peice of my heart and till my very last breath I breathe. I love you. Please forgive me and give me This ONE LAST CHANCE.

Forgive me

i?m sorry sweetheart for not being who you want me to be…..all i want to do is make you happy…i?m sorry for continueing to think your cheating on me….i?m sorry things seem the way they do but just know i care for you….i?m sorry for the hurt i caused you it was never intentional….i want you to be apart of me ..i want to spend as long as possible getting to know you and sharing tons of time with you …i?m sorry i show i care to much at times and not at all other time i just want to be there for you..please open up to me and if im not the one for you i?m sorry i couldn?t be your dream girl…..i?m sorry most of all for not changing myself entirely b/c i think im fine just as myself….just know i?m here for you and i will change for the better but i just can not pretend to be someone else even though i care for you deeply babe…

Our Marriage

Michele, Please forgive me for the way I acted and the way I treated you when we split up. I never wanted to hurt you even though I did so gravely. I wish for you all the love and joy that you seek. You don?t need to forgive me but I do need to say that I?m so profoundly sorry. Mike

The way I acted

after finding out that you cheated on me was worse than you cheated on me. I should have ended the relationship instead of putting us both through two years of purgatory. I?m sorry.

Forgive me ..

I cannot forgive myself For all the blunders That I have made Over the times, Then how can I proceed? How can I ever Dream perfection-dreams? To be once more perfect please give me a try Only every time after it I shall know What I truly am And shall forever remain..

Im srry

There are no exucses for that mistake i made. I screwed up.


um, yes, i need your forgiveness for deleting your application. i didn?t mean to, but honestly i was annoyed that your computer was slowed down by the ??new application?? window. haha, i thought it was a computer application and a pop-up ad. please forgive me.

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