Always Peach

I forgive you for changing my life. I will find my silver lining.


Hi, I am giving you permission to move on and forgive your family for their thoughtlessness. Love, me

Love you

Hey chweetest… Sorry da.. Nindey Ranjith ettan ninne veshamipichu le.. Ummah… vaa (&)

Forgive Me!

I love you! Very Sorry For What Happened! I hope it never happened, but everything happens for a reason, please forgive me love! I love you alot and look forward to seeing you soon inshallah!

dear child

i am greatfull . you came home eventually to visit your family altough you where tired . you cant even remember that i was the one who supposed to come and visit you at your new house but you canceled it.

i love you

please forgive me if i have been a real pain in the ass to you

The Past

To please forgive me for judging you and your actions in the past. For abandoning you and being a coward in facing my family. For being self centered and only thinking of myself.

I forgive you

Iforgive you for all the pain and hurt and suffering you caused me and our sons while we were married. I forgive you for making me do things I wasn?t proud of but most of all I forgive you for being you because God says to forgive yor enmies.


im sorry for every thing i put you through i dont no what my promblem is but i want to try to fix it i just have a bad attitude but i do care about the family but i do love you and i do no you love me

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