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Forgive me my divorcee

Dear divorcee, Now it is perhaps the right time to apologize and ask for your forgiveness for all the harsh words I said to you. I am really sorry things got a little bit out of hand and that we got to the situation where we are now. I hope we could sometimes be friends again we used to be in the past

Forgive me for not loving you

Forgive me for being such a jerk and for not loving you Forgive me for being with you just for the money Forgive me for a child with you soon And I really wish I was somewhere else Forgive me for being so messed up, how you stop this?

Forgive me for revealing family secrets

Forgive me ??father?? for telling what you?ve done to me since I was a little girl. Forgive me ??father?? for telling how hard it was to have an abortion, carrying your child. Forgive me ??mother?? for telling that you knew and did not tell. Forgive me ??mother?? for telling that you sent me to him. Forgive me my dear ??brothers?? for bringing shame on you by telling. Forgive me my dear ??brothers?? for being angry at you for shunning me for it. Forgive me my little sister for not believing that our brother was as hurtful as our father. Forgive me ??brother?? for believing that you did not hurt our little sister. Forgive me ??brother?? for not supporting you. Forgive me ??brother?? for getting the punishment you deserve. Forgive me my second sister for not being there for you all these years. Forgive my dear sisters for being afraid to come closer due to father. Forgive me my dear sisters for abandoning you a ship during a storm. Forgive me my dear ??parents?? for being born. Forgive me world for my mere existence. Forgive me for the oxygen I breathe. Forgive me for the room I take. Forgive me and forgive me again. Yet I have a place in this world and I will hold on to it till my last day. I will try to enjoy life as much as I can despite the unbearable financial difficulties, despite the shun and despite everything ? I am still alive. I am strong and strong I will remain. Stronger than my ??parents?? who were too weak to protect their oldest daughter. Stronger than my dear ??brothers?? who were too weak to face the facts and preferred the easiest way out shunning. Stronger than most people on this earth Strong I am strong You the readers should also be strong as much as you can and beyond that, since as immense your troubles may seem, there are worse troubles in the world. Easy fast for everyone To my dear ??parents?? I conclude by saying: I will never forgive, perhaps god will, perhaps …

forgive me for cheating

My wife, forgive me for cheating My wife, I know that throughout our life as a married couple, I could have cheated not once and not just with one woman, but I never did that, and you always trusted me not to cheat. My wife, you know I love you more than anything else in the world, even when you constantly hassle me about things that never happened. My wife, I know that my parents (both my late father and my mother) annoyed you many times, and I who respected you, supported you, yet never expressed it out in the open. My wife, despite the fact that you were my better half for the past 25 years since I met you, I?ve treated you any person taking something for granted. My wife, I know that I hurt you; I know that you feel betrayed; yet, you also know that I never betrayed you in my life. My wife, after the way you acted after what happened, I understood how much you really love me??? and how much I love you. My wife, I forgive you for what happened. My wife, I ask for your forgiveness and promise to myself and not to you that I will never hurt you again in any way, through any words; I will just respect, cherish, support and provide you, and just enjoy seeing you blossom and raise our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, Amen. And to anyone reading what is written here, read, understand, go home, give a great hug to the person you love, give a kiss also, since who knows when will be the next time you can do that. My wife, my love, my soul, I love you and I will always do, and just two words to you, forgive me.

forgive me my mother

Forgiveness from the world?s greatest mother I am sorry… for upsetting you… always! But this happens since I am upset because of your punishments… and so I am sorry… and hope that you let things slide… since sometimes forgiveness… is the best medicine in the world! And I hope that you know that I?ve already learned the real lesson! I have a wonderful mother… yet it took me some time to acknowledge that! And now I know… everything you do is for our own sake… and I must not lie… but sometimes…I don?t think that all is for my own best interest… since sometimes your accusations are unjustified… and when you say I?m a liar, you are very wrong… sometimes I tell little lies to protect myself… and as far as the movie is concerned… I am really sorry… I did not mean to watch it… from me to you Your daughter Maria

Forgiveness for an unfulfilled love

Forgive me for loving you for a few years now. Sorry for not the guts to make the first move. I know you love someone else and I know that I love you and dream about you. I want to love you no one loved you before. Forgive me for loving you.


Two people inltantsy come to mind when I think forgiveness My husband and my step-dad. All through high school, my step-dad (who has now admitted to this, since finding Christ) did everything in his power to make my life harder. I was already struggling with depression and self-esteem issues because I had just started to really make friends when they decided to get married. We had to move to the other side of the country. I had an even harder time making friends in California. I didn?t agree with a lot of things my peers were doing, I was extremely shy and just packed on another shell to hide my true self when we moved, and on top of that, my step-dad refused to ever let me leave the house without the rest of the family. He has changed a lot, but in some ways he hasn?t. I still have some problems with him, although I?ve learned better, more mature ways to deal with these problems. I?ve forgiven him for a lot but I am definitely still a long way from the end of that journey. As for my husband, we have just had a LOT f ups and extreme downs. With both people I listed, there was a lot of emotional/psychological abuse as well as small amounts of physical abuse. That is something that I have always been afraid of and felt I would never be able to forgive someone for. I CAN?T forgive someone for it. However, I have given it to God and he can cleanse that from our lives and our minds. Things are not fully resolved, but we are working to eliminate these things and to forgive and leave the past in the past.

I love you

Dear Dana I ask your forgivness for any this that I have done to you I love you very much. your Mom

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