I dont want to loose you

I dont want to loose the only love of my life. You are the only one for me. I wish you could see how much love I have for you. I want to give that love to you. I will do whatever it takes to make things work for us. I want you to do the same. Will you be mine this vatines? I love you. Please forgive me for the mistakes I have made. I will forgive you for yours as well. I love you, miss you, want you and I need you. Please let me give you my love.

Thank you our parents

Thank you our dear parents for helping us in every possible way. Supporting us emotionally, financially and making us feel fortunate at any given moment. We appreciate you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. From your loving children

I am so sorry I hurt you.

I am so sorry I hurt you. I realize how much that I was wrong. Our love for one another is so strong for one another that I see you in everything that I do. please forgive me baby and come back. I know that we?ve only been talking for six months but I feel a verry strong connection. a feeling that wont go away. and I want to know will you do me the honer of being my husband?. will you merry me?. I am so sure we were meant to be together. lets make our relationship 100percent leagal. you dont have to give me a repli no time soon please say you wil at least think about it. I love baby so much. please share my life with me.lots of hugs and kisses.

sorry you pretend

i am sorry that you go to a private school that i ay tuition for so you can act you are as rich as them but am embarressed to be seen in my old beat up car that makes noise. sorrry we are still poor and moving to an apartment from the house will embarress you and make you feel you will loose all of your friend because they will laugh at you. sorry i did not make you stay in public school where we would fit in better


forgive me for offending u last nyt my sister. i did it out of anger, im seriously sory. i wont do it again


Please pray that my daughter Joy would receive God?s forgiveness for her sins. Pray that she would be convicted of sin and would return back to loving Jesus. Please pray for her deliverance from sin. Thank you, Joni


My mum destroyed a flower pot on my grandmas grave and she told me to lie about it but i told the truth to my auntie when she asked me now my mum and dad will not talk or act normal around me anymore because of this and i fell responsible for this . I did not mean to cause this . can i have forgiveness ?

I am sorry

Believe me, what happened between us has been weighing on my heart for a while now. I have only just worked up the courage to tell you that?

I’m Sorry for Hurting You

for my famely

please forgive me for what i am I love you please forgive

I forgive you mom

Mom, I forgive you and let go of the hurts you have done to me. Criticisms, being unable to love and nurture me. I do not hold this against you because Jesus has forgiven me many sins too and I do not hold any of this against you. I hope and pray you can find forgiveness from God and release from the burden. But as for me- it is not held against you. Be blessed in Jesus? name. Your oldest daughter A

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