I forgive you Dad

Dad, I know you never wanted children, especially daughters. You did not have much love for me and instead there was a lot of anger. Your were not a father to me. But I forgive you today now and forever. I do not hold the anger, the hatred, the rejection, the abuse and attacks against you in Jesus? name. Father God has delivered me and forgiven me and I pass this on to you as a free gift from me. I do not hold it against you and I wish you love, mercy, peace, and grace in Jesus? name. With much love, hope, and honor, Your daughter

roofing again

hello there dennis sorry iv took so long i think this is there contact and some info , they have 20 discount now,say kemsy put you on


Well done! I would actually be happier individual if everybody wrote as well as you do. Thanks again

my sins

well i want to confess myself because im going to make my confirmation. In my life a have done a lot of stupid things, say bad words,be a rude boy with my autorities, talk bad things about other people, have a razor with me,be so racist,not do my homeworks,to no study,watch ugly things in internet and to say that im going to be dead God if you read this is because i want to be free of sins and because i love you

I?m sorry

Alpha, I?m truly sorry. I shouldn?t have spit in the water. It was disrespectful and untrustworthy. You may never forgive me but i ask you to try. Lots of Love, Omi

Baby I feel so bad right now

My brother Chris and his family

4 years ago I had found my brother Chris and Since than I have treated his family shit. I called his family white trash. I said his wife was a dog that got spaded. I even laughed when someone called him a chil molester. I have pushed him out of my life because a part of me was afraid to be loved by him. I was afraid to let love in because I was scared he would turn out to be everyone else. The relationship we have had in the last four year is not the type of relationship I wanted with him. What I mean is I didnt want to treat him shit. Also there has been lies I have told cancer and being diabetic. Just to see if he cared. I tried to buy expensive gifts just to make sure he would stay in my life. i was so afraid he would leave. I know sounds confusing one minute I wanted him out of my life and the next minute I didnt want to lose him. I was confused and didnt know what I wanted. With certain events that has happened in the last couple of months I am able to change and be the person he needs me to be if only he would forgive me and try to let the past go and try fresh. So I am asking him for his forgiveness. Iwas a terrible sister and for that I am sorry. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.

sorry dear brother

dear brother i am so sorry to say the things i said to you please forgive me lets together and feel alright one love i miss you.

Did not protect you

I think a lot about it these days…no matter how much I wanted I could never give you the feeling that you were loved and protected in your own home.. I could not understand that your brother hurts you.. and if I saw it I was not able to stop it.. I didn?t give the feeling that I love you so much and I would anything in the world for you.. I failed you as a mother and was to needy and weak myself to see how much hurt you were.. JUST KNOW THAT I AM SORRY AND I LOVE YOU MORE THAN MY LIFE YOURS FOREVER MOM


Baby I love you from the bottom of my heart, Im soooo sory for my actions, and I hurt. I?m trying to be a faithful servant, this shouldn?t have happened. But it did, but there is some good from this. God let me see how much I need him and how qucik the devil can enter your life. Thank you for forcing me to get closer to CHRIST! Thank you for being my daugther and I promise to love and protect you for the rest of the days of my life! please forgive me The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.?

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