thank you god

this year has been difficult in so many ways for me and my family. so much has happened. Now that i have had time to sit and reflect I am looking forward to the new year. I hae made some wrong choices that have caused pain upon my family. I found my father cheating on my mom after 32 year of marriage. I sometimes feel I saved him from suffering before it was too late. My brother has made some wrong decisions. Which has caused pain to my family. My kids are so innocent in all of this. i pray they can have a healthy life. They are my world. I pray God can forgive my mistakes and allow me to move forward. Forgiveness isn?t easy. But I know if God can forgive me I can forgive anyone. I will keep my head up and find strenght in his word.Amen.


La verdad necesito k me perdones, necesito de ti para salir adelante y poder ser feliz, necesito que me ayudes a salir de este bache y que podamos cumplir nuestras metas, sue?os y objetivos. La verdad necesito de ti, por el simple echo que te necesito para vivir…… ??estas son palabras mias, no las copie?? TE AMO TE ADORO….. TE NECESITO…..

My confession

Sir forgive me you know why in serious forgve me yes kisses and allways FORGIVE ME

forgive me

God please forgive me of my sins. You know me and whatever I did is definitely out of my senses. I don?t have anyone closer to me to talk and confess otherthan you. If possible give me an opportunity tobe with you and serving you all the time. Please comeback to my life.

you are a goddess

forgive me for making you go to school even though you are smarter than everyone in the world, even barack obama and as smart as ralph

my forgiveness

iam so sorry i really need you and i love you more than me, and feel happy just with you, you are in my min every day,every time. you are goin to be in my heart forever.i cant live withought your kisses,how do iam not goin to wait for you if you are in my min,in my dreams and in my iam not going to love you if i dont want to lust to you. i love babe.

Cansado de maltrato

tengo 30 a?os, soy casado hace 3 a?os, sin embargo hace 10 que recibo puro maltrato… espero pronto se termine sin que nadie salga lastimad

I forgive you

Dear Stephen, I forgive you for sending me this electronic sin forgiver. Gary

Love Me And Each Other For Who We Are

I hope that someday, they may forgive for my weaknesses, short comings and mistakes. May they both know that I truly hope that with time they can find it in their hearts to someday forgive me for our past and differences. The past year has held alot of hard changes, that we never thought or dreamed we would have to experience. During these difficult changes, feelings have been hurt, heartache, anger, sadness, and misunderstandings have been taken to heart. I just hope that we all can learn from this and that now is the time to forgive so that the healing process can begin. There have been so many feelings of hurt, anger, and bitterness, that has been felt, and now I feel is the time to let things go because if we hold in these feelings then the cycle will continue. I hope that though with time hearts can be mended and relationship ties can now become stronger. I have learned that it is never my place to judge others for their differences or short comings, and to love them for who they are. Which has been something at times I have struggled with. Also this all means that in order to handle these delicate issues, I have to grow up and mature, and be more of an adult. May those who have been hurt with all that has happened I hope that they can forgive me and be able to heal. I miss the relationship I did have before all of these changes, came about. I never realized how I took for granted that fact that we had a house, lived close to my husband?s family, and had all these things that we were blessed with especially my in-laws support, that within a month all that we took for granted was taken away. And now that we no longer have those things, I realized through all of it, I do miss our home and the closeness that we were establishing between families. That is one of the things I do miss, now that the distance is between us. All I want to come out of this, is that for myself, my husband, and daughter is that we can be closer, and put these hard times behind us, for it has been one of the hardest things in our lives we have ever had to learn. Why the change of heart? Because with much pondering and tears, honestly I have had to learn and realize where my faults are and my my wrong doings. After all I was once told that two wrongs do not make a right. All that I hope for now is that it may not to be to late to tell them, I donot hate them, and that I have never hated them. Hate is such a strong word, that should never be said about anyone. I only wish that now they can love me still and someday will say in the future, that they are glad that I am their daughter-in-law, and proud have me in their family. Honestly I know based on my past that it has been hard to say the very least. But maybe some day….

Lord for give me

Dear Lord, I to ask forgiveness, I?m sorry, that I may have fell as a sister, and not been there for my brother Jesse. When he needed me the most. But, I?m here in spirit and love him so. I also to ask for forgiveness, as, I have fell as a wife. I ask, to restore me and to give me strenght and knowlge to understand my husband and to help him in everything he need from me. I also, want to ask the lord, to forgive me , Cause, I?ve wonder from him many times. I?m here lord, to understand you and to serve u. Forgive me Lord. In Jesus, name Amen

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