im sorry for all the stuff i pulled. and all the stuff i said. please take this and please accepct thank you. and yes im your son your my mom and i deeply love you. and this family.. and i really miss my dad alot and honstly i dont show it. but honstly i was very close to him.. he was my best friend. and i very much miss him i was crying last night about the memories him and i once had.


for hurt I caused to you.


i forgive you dad for hitting me with a 2×4

Anger and Actions

I forgive myself and others for all imperfect actions. I demonstrate that forgiveness is complete by my life reflect whoess, abundance and Goodness for all. We are all ONE with GOD.

Please forgive me

Jay, Please forgive me for yesterday. I know I upset you and that you are ??done.?? I just hope that one day you will be able to forgive me.

im a bloody fool

i have wrong you in ways that should never be forgiven. every day of my life i look in the mirror and i hate myself a little more for throwing away the best thing that ever happened to me…i was a bloody idiot. i do not even deserve the friendship you still give me, and i wish i could take back all the stupidity i did. i would sell my immortal soul to see you again and touch you just once… please forgive my foolishness, my beautiful falcon….my soul..


anbulla ammavuku.. enaku therium naan unnai rombave kaya padithi irukean.. romba asingama pesi irukaen.. anbu katenathu illai.. unkuda pesinathu illai.. romba kevalama nadanthu irukean.. unnoda santhosam pathi naan nenaikala.. nee yevalo kastapattu padika vaichaenu nenachu kanule irundu ratham than varuthu athuku eeda ennale onum seyave mudiayathu.. appa illaima oru paiyana valakarathu romba kashtam athu nee sathichu kamichae enaku valaikale neraiaya sathikanum, panam sambathikanumnu romba asai.. aaana athuku ellam thadaiya irukearathu naan unaku kodutha kashtam thannu nenaikuraen.. naan eduthu vaikure ovaru stepum enaku periya savala iruku.. ippo kuda valaikale munere mudiayau than unkita inda maniu kaditham anupuraen.. onum mattum oruthi marapadiyum naan indha thappu pane matean.. naan nee appuram en kudumbathu kuda onna irukanumnu amma bhagavanitam vendi kolguraen…

I am so sorry!

Travis I?m sorry for not being there when you needed me the most, I?m sorry I let you down, I?m sorry I wasn?t there when you took your last breath, I?m sorry I wasn?t holding your hand helping you to the other side of your life. Instead whoring around, only caring about myself when you were dying, now you?re gone and it?s too late to apoligize. Too late…

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