I wish you would ask me to forgive you

I wish you would ask for my forgiveness for the horrors you have done. I wish you could look back and see what horrible decisions you made. I wish you could see the pain you have caused me and my sister. I wish you would take back the lies and deceptions you poisoned us with. I wish you would admit you were a horrible mother. I wish you would have said something other than changing the subject when I told you what your husband did to me. I wish you would ask for my forgiveness, so I could finally forgive you.


I have drank too much I have tried to get close to a woman other than my wife. I did cocaine.

let there peace

If you can only forgive me i may never hold you again may be we can laugh together have peace with one another and even become friends.

I?m sorry

I am sorry you had to find out about my relatioship with your ex husband.


sorry about the fire.

i love you

Mommy i will forgive you but im sorry i will have more faith in God and in you and daddy. i am really sorry for not being patient and being negative. sorry, please forgive me.


honey ia?m terriby sorry I believe i have worried too much of lossing some pieces of glory by wanting a slice of your touch staring was ?nt too easy it had to be secret and far but honey you ha?ve gotta believe me itried my best to know who you are…


Please forgive what I have done for you

Sorry for a terible evening last night

My love, I am truly sorry for bringing me to the brink of emptiness last night. Sorry for letting my personal difficulties explode into your life with such pain and despair. Please continue being the wonderful woman you always have been. With all my love Edmond

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